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Hola Guys!

My name is Imani “Imanileo” Francies, and I am a writer and owner of Imanileo Writes. I started my writing journey 2 1/2 years ago while pregnant with my daughter, Zola. At the time, I worked as a pre-school teacher but my pregnancy was high-risk, so I was forced to resign. As a way to make money, I started using what I was learning in school and began writing for others.
Since then, I have ghost-written novels, written my own short fiction, blogged for myself and others, edited other Author’s books, consulted businesses with marketing strategies, and have created various forms of copy for multiple companies.
I’ve gained a lot of experience in just a short amount of time, and every day I’m learning something new– so aside from all of my other writing and editing roles, I have also taken on the part of assisting other writers and entrepreneurs to put their best work forward.
I look forward to connecting with you all. Have fun indulging in my madness, and message me for any reason.
With love,

Email me for anything: Imanifrancies@imanileo.com