At-Home Date Night Ideas


At-Home Date Night Ideas

You can’t always get out for a date night, especially when you have kids. That doesn’t mean that you and your spouse should just cancel your night together. I’m a hopeless romantic so nothing is going to get between me and my date night! Seriously though, I’ve found having a date at home can be just as good and sometimes better than going out! You save money and you don’t have to find a babysitter as long as it’s after bedtime for the little ones. Here are some of my favorite at-home dates, maybe they’ll inspire you!

Movie Night

I’m all for a Netflix binge date night. You can’t really go wrong here, but I’ve got some ideas for how you can step it up a notch. Build a pillow fort together before the movie starts and watch from there. If pillow forts aren’t for you then just lay out a comforter and a bunch of cozy pillows for you to both snuggle up while the movie is on. Forewarning, if you go this route you probably won’t watch much of the movie, but isn’t that sort of the goal?

If you want to pull out the big guns and be ridiculously adorable, then set up a projector and watch the movie in your backyard. What’s more romantic than cuddling up under the stars watching a movie? Just remember to grab some popcorn and maybe some wine!

Romantic Dinner

If you’re a lover of the classic dinner date, then try out having a romantic dinner at home. It’s much more intimate if you work together to make the meal, it’s also a great time to flirt! If you can’t cook, that’s fine. Pick up some take out or order from your favorite restaurant. Set up candles and turn the lights down low to get a great romantic atmosphere. Finish dinner off with some strawberries, chocolate, and wine. 


Okay, I don’t mean actually fight. That would not make for a very good date night. Some couples love to be a little competitive and playful. An at-home date is a great time to put that to use. Growing up, I remember my mom and dad having play fights all the time. Some days it would be them chasing each other around the house with dart guns. Other times we’d sit back and watch while they chased each other around with water guns and progress to ambushes with water balloons and hail mary attacks with the garden hose.

Now, my husband and I have been married for four years and I know how fun it can be to start a random food fight. Just because you’re an adult doesn’t mean you have to act like it! Be competitive and have fun. Did you know you can get at home laser-tag gear? Yeah, try having a boring date night while running around playing laser tag. I dare you.

Game Night

Game night! So my I can get a little bit competitive and you’d never guess it, but my sweetheart of a husband can be really competitive too. We love having game nights because it gives us a way to totally annihilate the other! Before starting a game, make things a little more interesting by having the loser do something the winner chooses. We love playing Monopoly, but if you know that’ll lead to nothing but arguments then don’t go there.

If board games aren’t quite your speed, then play video games together. My husband loves playing video games and I’ll confess, so do I. Find a fun game and play together. There’s something for everyone out there. If you aren’t feeling up to a round of Call Of Duty: Zombies then try something like Overcooked. 

Drinks and Stargazing 

If all else fails make a couple of drinks and sit outside and just talk. It doesn’t matter what drinks you like, heck you could even be sipping on Mt. Dew from a wine glass and it’d still be romantic! Make your drinks and head outside. You could sit out on the porch or lay out a blanket to cuddle on. Talk about nothing and everything. Plan out your future and reminisce on past dates. 

Watch the sunset touch the horizon. Hold each other while staring at the stars. Maybe even do a little horizontal dancing, if you catch my drift. Seriously, drinks and star gazing are about as romantic as it gets without actually being in a Hallmark movie! 

Get ready for an awesome date night! Tell this hopeless romantic what you like to do for your at-home date nights!

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