Author: Quasha Ross


Danger of Comparison: Stop Comparing Yourself to Other People

In this day and age, the lives of others are so easily accessible. Social media makes this possible and we are able to get a glimpse into the lives of our peers. We are capable of viewing some of the best moments of their lives by simply scrolling through our social media feeds.

Happiness or Success? Which One Should You Choose?

The other day I listened to a podcast entitled, Dreams and Drive and came across an episode about how a young man, Craig Young a.k.a The Cheap God, began living an unconventional life at the age of thirty.

Just A Bad Mood? Or Depression?

Have you found yourself in a bad mood lately and don’t know why? Have you been isolating yourself from others in hopes to be alone? Bad moods are common and everyone has experienced a bad mood at one time or another. Many things can trigger a bad mood, such as financial troubles, family issues or health issues.

Ending 2019 with Your Sanity

A new year is quickly approaching and this has us thinking about how to spend the last months of 2019. Around this time of year, many of us would be in a frenzy, worried that we won’t accomplish all of the goals we’ve set for ourselves at the beginning of the year. Accomplishing anything takes time, especially if it’s complex.

Inspiration for Millennials Still Living with Parents

I admit I’m one of those millennials still living at home with my parents. It would make me feel wonderful if I were able to say that I have a meticulous plan to move out, advance in my career and start a family, but that would be far from the truth.

How to Avoid Losing Yourself in a Relationship

f you neglect your relationship and fail to nurture it in the way it needs, then there is a great possibility that your relationship won’t last long term. Although relationships can be very demanding, it’s important that you don’t lose yourself in the process of maintaining a long-lasting, healthy relationship.

A Black Lady Sketch Show Preview

Issa Rae is doing it again! After the success of her HBO show, Insecure, she now has another project in the works entitled, A Black Lady Sketch Show.

A$AP Rocky Detained In Sweden: Trump Vouches for the Rapper

On July 3, 2019, A$AP Rocky was arrested for an alleged assault on a pair of men in Sweden. It was determined by a Swedish court that the rapper would be held in custody, at a Stockholm detention center, for two weeks, pending an investigation into the assault charge.

Signs You’re Ready to Break Up

Minor arguments or disagreements in relationships are common. Disagreements are inevitable when two people come together who have different ways of thinking, different personalities, and have lived life in different ways.

Signs of a Toxic Boss

Are you concerned that you might be dealing with a toxic boss? Do you dread going into the office because your boss creates an atmosphere that’s difficult to work in? If you’re wondering if your boss is toxic, here are a few signs that will confirm if you’re dealing with a toxic boss.