Author: Quasha Ross


Sexless Relationships and the Trouble they Bring

Sex and intimacy go hand-in-hand. Although there is more than one way to be intimate in a relationship, sex ranks pretty high on the list. So what happens when sex starts to become less frequent in relationships?

Signs You’re in the Wrong Career

Are you wondering why you’re still putting up with your job when you absolutely hate it? Yeah, you’re probably in the wrong career!

Four Podcasts Every Woman Should have on Her Playlist

With the use of social media at an all-time high, there are many sources and websites offering information. Much of the information we consume tend to supplement our time or waste our time all together. As women, many of us love to consume gossip news or spend our time looking at “who wore it best”…
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Ladies Get Paid

The gender pay gap occurs across almost all occupations and industries. Factors such as occupational segregation, bias against working mothers and direct pay discrimination all contribute to the gender pay gap. Women of different groups experience different gaps in pay based on racial bias, disability, access to education and age. Male dominated industries tend to…
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Four Instagram Accounts to Follow for Finance and Budget Finding Motivation When You’d Rather Not Do Anything!

Do you have serious money goals? Are you thinking of a master plan to pay down your debt? Is budgeting something you want to learn more about? If you answered yes to any one of those questions, then at one of these Instagram pages could be helpful in achieving your money goals! These Instagram pages…
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The Only Woman In the Workplace

It is evident that science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM) are all male dominated occupations. Women make up about half of the total U.S, college-educated workforce, but they only account for 29 percent in the science and engineering workforce. Stanford engineering graduate, Debbie Sterling, noticed that the percentage of women in engineering was extremely low.…
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Four Questions to Ask Yourself before Saying Yes to the Proposal

When a man gets down on one knee to propose, the woman becomes filled with so many different emotions. Family and friends start suggesting wedding ideas, venues, decorations, wedding dress styles, and other whimsical ideas. The proposal seems to happen so fast that all you can muster up is a resounding, “Yes!” In addition to…
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Men that Cheat and Women that Stay

The phrase “Ride or Die Chick” seems to have lost its meaning. It used to represent women who were strong and were willing to endure hard times with men or friends that they loved. A ride or die chick was someone who could take over paying the bills if her man lost his job and…
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My Fear of Working Out and Ruining My Tresses

I’m afraid to workout. I’m not afraid of doing push-ups, crunches, squats, or running a mile on the treadmill, but the thought of what to do with my hair after a workout pulls out a fear inside of me that I always knew existed. As a woman of color, hair is a big deal. From…
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You’re Not The Only One Trying to Find Your Purpose

Some people spend a lifetime trying to find their purpose. They spend countless hours daydreaming in their cubicles about pursuing their passions, but many never actually do. Although it’s possible, not many people know for sure what they’re purposed to do. When you’re having trouble figuring out your purpose, begin to think about it as…
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