Balancing Divine Feminine Energy When You’ve Been Neglecting It


Balancing Divine Feminine Energy When You’ve Been Neglecting It

Capitalism, materialism, and perfectionism can weigh us down, especially in the fast-paced world we live. In turn, it can be incredibly easy to neglect the most important thing, ourselves. Ignoring yourself, as you may know, leaves feelings of a foggy brain, messy spaces, disorganization, sadness, anger, and maybe even feelings of incompleteness. Our bodies will physically notice such environmental changes. Perhaps if we slow down, or cut out time, we can introduce a bit more peace to ourselves by tapping into that divine feminine energy.

Beyond sexual identification, there exists within all of us a balance of energies: namely masculine energy and feminine energy. Yes, men, you possess feminine energy and women, masculine energy. Neglecting one can throw us into an imbalance that is unrecognizable to the unknowing eye.

Let’s unpack the qualities in masculine vs. feminine energy. Some aren’t necessarily distinctive.

  • Feminine energy is presented in the following positive manner; thoughtful, intuitive, gentle, patient, wise, creative, and humble.
  • Masculine energy, when positively expressed, is; protective, ambitious, goal-oriented, authoritative, firm, rational, and logical.

If we were to assign one of the two energy types to the world today, I would assume it to be masculine. We are always working at a goal, protecting our belongings, and making decisions based off of our logic and not our emotions.

…masculine characteristics are engrained in the plan; logic, authority, goal-reaching.

According to Chopra, feminine energy is associated with our creative abilities. Examining the bureaucratic model of Corporate America, it is unfortunate to discover that bureaucracy robs us of our innate desire to create. To briefly explain, bureaucracy is a hierarchical method of assigned power to employees that trickles down to ensure a business is running a tightly designed plan, virtually a system of checks and balances. How does this affect our individual creativity? The checking and balancing ensure employees work without using personal judgment or ideation so the next employee can smoothly perform their job.  

Now we see that even Corporate America imbalances our divine energies. In its model, masculine characteristics are engrained in the plan; logic, authority, goal-reaching. Not to say it’s all wrong, it has benefits that will go unnamed here.

Back to feminine qualities! Here are three ways to adopt the characteristics.

  1. Being Emotional This is not to be mistaken with being “overly-sensitive.” Instead of thinking with only logic, try to think feel more. Using your feelings will be reflected in your reactions, interactions with others, and even with yourself. Our emotions are golden, being that it is what makes us truly human.
    • P.S., It is OKAY to cry!!
  2. Get Creative! The arts, painting, writing, photography, coloring, etc., are entertaining if you allow yourself to flow without restrictions. It is an excellent and natural way to express your personality, feelings and even bringing your ideas/mental images into fruition. Express yourself.
  3. Intuitive Mind                                                                                                  Listening and allowing your intuition to speak can be a significant challenge being that we have been taught to think from a more logical point of view. Not to be confused with feeling your emotions, intuition is your real gut feelings. Don’t believe me? According to Big Think, gut signals are transmitted…through the release of serotonin (a brain chemical responsible for sending messages). It’s really a thing.

How will you know you need to work with your feminine energy?

Ideally, you would be taking on the masculine characteristics completely. On display, it may look like someone who is extremely logical, independent-minded, unreasonably protective of themselves or others around them, highly competitive, and maybe even quite aggressive.

Though we live in a sleepless society, we must care for ourselves, balance our energies, and use our best judgments to care for ourselves.

Chopra has also suggested that these energies fluctuate and may constantly need adjustments. Once we find a balance, it doesn’t stop there. We must continue to listen to ourselves so that we can care for ourselves.

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