Where To Find Freelancing Writing Jobs

The Struggles of a freelancer are real. Especially if you are just starting out on your freelancing journey. Then, there’s the problem of potential jobs being scams or content mills that pay you way too low for the amount of work you have to do.

How Companies Are Using Millennial Nostalgia To Create New Technology

As millennials desire for items of nostalgia increases, I’m sure companies will continue finding new ingenious ways to combine those older technologies with these new products.

Getting a Dog Can Help Improve Your Life

There are many benefits of having a dog as a pet. Having a good relationship with a dog can help improve your life.

Oh, You’re A Stay At Home Mom?

Why, yes, Helen, please tell me more about how I don’t have a real job!

Unplugged Entertainment For Kids

It’s summer and your kids are home all the time. They’ve watched enough TV already that they speak fluent movie quotes and know every commercial my heart. Yeah, it might be time to unplug them.

Sexless Relationships and the Trouble they Bring

Sex and intimacy go hand-in-hand. Although there is more than one way to be intimate in a relationship, sex ranks pretty high on the list. So what happens when sex starts to become less frequent in relationships?

The 5 Best Summer Hairstyles For Natural Hair

As someone who’s worn their natural curls most of their life, I sometimes dread the summer due to North Carolina’s summer heat and humidity. Even if you aren’t in NC, the summer heat can play a major factor in the kind of hairstyles you may want to do.

Can Introverts be Leaders?

When you think of an introvert, what are some thoughts that come to mind?

Suck At Public Speaking? No Worries!

Fear not friends! I have found a few resources in order to better your speaking presence, no matter if you must prepare for a huge presentation, or just want to be heard by the person standing right next to you.

Oh, No! I Sound Like My Mom!

Remember growing up, when your mom said something and you swore up and down that you’d never say that to your kids? Ya, it didn’t last long for me either. — nor did it last for these other moms too!