How to Decorate a Small Space

It can be really hard to decorate a small space without overwhelming it. You also have to worry about maximizing functionality with a small space. So how do you decorate tastefully while maintaining, or even adding, functionality? There are a few things you can do. Here are some of my favorite small space hacks! Great…
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Balancing Family Events

You’ve gotten to the point in your relationship where you go to each other’s holiday celebrations! That’s a big step, so congratulations. Now you need to figure out what to do when your family and theirs have things going on at the same time. Maybe, you’re married and you’re just trying to figure out a…
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Things to do During the Summer

It’s summer! It’s time to get out and have fun! This is the time to check out all the cool things only around in summer. If you’re trying to find family-friendly things to do, or just a cool date idea, then you’re in luck. I’m rounding up a list of fun things to do during…
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Blurred Lines of Being A Lady

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Adverting The Anxiety Crisis

40 Million Americans suffer from anxiety annually. There are a few ways we can alleviate our symptoms. -Anxiety and Depression Association of America, ADAA Dialogue on mental illness has not always been deemed as acceptable as much as it is today. Though there is still room for improvement, we’ve come far. Mental health dialogue and…
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Life Lessons I’ve Learned from ‘The Big Bang Theory’

When the 12th and final season of CBS’s prime-time sitcom The Big Bang Theory this past May, it left a nerdy-sized hole in my heart, and in my TV schedule. I’ve been following these characters as they’ve developed and grown over the years, and while there will always be re-runs to keep me company, it’s…
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How to Keep Track of Your Small Business Finances

Having a small business is hard enough without having to constantly worry about your finances. You need to keep track of your income, expenses, and billing. Somewhere between all of that worry you also need to keep track of your tax-deductible expenses and quarterly taxes! That’s a lot to keep track of! If you’re stressed…
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Having a Happy Relationship Requires Consistent Work But It’s Achievable: Here’s How!

Everyone wants that perfect relationship. The type of relationship you see with #goals. You know the ones, where everything just seems so perfect. No relationship is perfect, but having a healthy and happy relationship is pretty close. There will be ups and downs in every relationship. I talked with a few people from various backgrounds…
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Online Sources for When You Need Cheering Up

We all have those days where it feels like there is no good left in the world and we’re all just living in an inevitable dumpster fire. Sometimes all it takes is turning on the news for us to feel that way. I always try to look on the bright side and I still experience…
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Wormy Benefits of The Early Bird

Waking up before the rest of the world is indeed a peaceful, enriching, and self-sustaining task to engage in. Accompanied by health and financial benefits, waking up at least one hour earlier each day yields higher production in a days’ time. Not to mention the implementation of a morning ritual makes one’s day more effortless.…
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