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Plotting Your Story Is The Key to Minimal Editing

Plotting each aspect of every story allows you to write the entire story in good time without having multiple holes in your story and without being unsure of where your story ends.

Creating an Outline for Any Story

After you’ve finished drafting the outline, you’re ready to start writing. Writing the entire story should be straightforward because you know what you’re writing towards, and all you have to do is fill in the details in between. The content in between gets you to each major point in the story that’s listed above.

Audience Surrogate: Why you need a Character With All The Answers

An audience surrogate is a character that expresses all of the questions and concerns the reader may have. The reader and the audience can easily identify with this character.

Types of Conflict in Any Story

One major thing I had to redefine throughout my stories consistently were the types of conflicts due to me not continually refreshing myself on all seven kinds of conflicts.

Every Character Deserves a Backstory

The backstory not only adds definition to the front story, it adds meaning to the character as well because it allows the reader to understand what the character was like in the past.

Protagonist v. Antagonist

The protagonist is usually the ‘good guy’ or the center of the story. This person is the one who is driving the story and experiencing consequences from the decisions they’ve made in the story.

Deciphering The Elements of Dialogue

Generally, there are four elements of dialogue, and these elements help give it meaning.

Writing​ Solid Characters

Your Character’s Voice Run’s Things.The inner voice inside of them control’s everything about them as individuals—and it helps you, the writer, create a consistent character throughout your story.

Writing A Monologue

At some point in our story, one or all of our character’s has an awakening and end up giving a monologue. 

Defining Your Character’s Voice

What can you achieve without a voice? Without the narration in the back of your mind that plots out every decision that you make in your life?