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How to Brighten Up Any Room

Your sitting in your living room, in the middle of the day and it’s still dark. Well, at least it feels that way. Keeping a room bright helps improve your mood and your productivity. Here are some easy ways to brighten up any room and make them more inviting! Paint This is probably one of…
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How to Decorate a Small Space

It can be really hard to decorate a small space without overwhelming it. You also have to worry about maximizing functionality with a small space. So how do you decorate tastefully while maintaining, or even adding, functionality? There are a few things you can do. Here are some of my favorite small space hacks! Great…
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Blurred Lines of Being A Lady

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Tips for Starting a Self-Care Routine

With the social movement of mental and emotional health being discussed more openly in the media and in our society at large, the importance of self-care and creating a routine for yourself has been showcased by all types of media outlets. Bloggers and vloggers share their own routines with their audience, health magazines have featured…
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Tackling Natural Hair: Featuring Monica Stevens of MoKnows Hair

Article originally posted on HerCampus Women are accepting their natural looks, disowning what society deems acceptable, and embracing their own natural hair. Natural hair has become a trend amongst African American women, as these women are removing relaxers, perms, and flat irons from their hair-styling routines and are embracing their kinks, curls, and Afros, as…
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