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How to Disconnect from Your Phone (For the First Time!)

Everywhere you look online you’re able to read about the benefits of conducting a “digital cleanse” or “phone fast” or whatever they’re calling it now. Basically, there’s more and more emphasis in the media on trying to spend a little less time staring at their phone screen and more time focusing on the big screen…
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Is Social Media’s Glamorization of Relationships Redefining Love?

The surge of social media has glamorized relationships at unprecedented levels, but that’s not the problem per se. The trouble appears when we adopt the belief of incompleteness when we are not in relationships or when we begin to depend on them to make us feel validated. Being single and a social media addict isn’t…
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The Key to Better Communication

Communication is key in practically everything. Have you ever gotten frustrated because your significant other didn’t pick up on your hints? Have you ever had a great idea, but couldn’t manage to get it heard? Have you ever had problems with people not responding to important emails? If you could relate to any of those…
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