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Freedom, At Long Last

Earlier this year, then-Gov. Bill Haslam took the unusual step of granting Cyntoia Brown clemency for what he called a “tragic and complex case,” a major victory for the unjustly incarcerated Brown and all those who support her, who for years has maintained that the 2004 killing was an act of self-defense.

Reasons to disconnect from social media

Social media is a great thing for people who wish to connect to others on the internet. It helps promote friendships, relationships, and staying in touch. Despite the positive things, social media is also a breeding ground for misinformation, arguments, bullying, and other problems.

Danger of Comparison: Stop Comparing Yourself to Other People

In this day and age, the lives of others are so easily accessible. Social media makes this possible and we are able to get a glimpse into the lives of our peers. We are capable of viewing some of the best moments of their lives by simply scrolling through our social media feeds.

Happiness or Success? Which One Should You Choose?

The other day I listened to a podcast entitled, Dreams and Drive and came across an episode about how a young man, Craig Young a.k.a The Cheap God, began living an unconventional life at the age of thirty.

Spending time in nature is good for mental and physical health

It’s 2019 and we live in a digital world where we are often staring at screens, under fluorescent lights, listening to digital music, riding in vehicles at 60 miles per hour, and doing any number of other unnatural things. It is important to take time and get away from all of that.

Mental health awareness is more important now than ever

In a world where depression, anxiety, and other mental health conditions plague millions of people, it is time that mental health is acknowledged as a medical issue. Thankfully, big organizations and celebrities have begun to join the fight to raise awareness for mental health.

How to gain inspiration for writing

Writing can be hard, and there are many questions that come to mind when writing. What do I write about? Why am I writing it? What message do I want to send in my writing? Whether you are writing for a blog, the news, a story, or for personal reasons, these are just a few examples of the things you will need to answer when writing.

Just A Bad Mood? Or Depression?

Have you found yourself in a bad mood lately and don’t know why? Have you been isolating yourself from others in hopes to be alone? Bad moods are common and everyone has experienced a bad mood at one time or another. Many things can trigger a bad mood, such as financial troubles, family issues or health issues.

At-Home Date Night Ideas

You can’t always get out for a date night, especially when you have kids. That doesn’t mean that you and your spouse should just cancel your night together. I’m a hopeless romantic so nothing is going to get between me and my date night! Seriously though, I’ve found having a date at home can be just as good and sometimes better than going out!

Mindfulness can help reduce anxiety and depression

A study was published in ScienceDirect recently that showed that mindfulness meditation-based practices can help treat anxiety and panic disorders. In a similar manner, these practices can also be used to help with other mental health issues like depression and anger.