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Potty Training

Did that title just strike fear into your heart? Don’t worry it’s not quite as terrifying as it might seem. Kids are generally ready to start potty training around ages 2 to 3 ½. If your kiddo is taking longer don’t worry. Every little one is different, don’t pressure them to start potty training if…
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You CAN Sit With Us: Relational Aggression In Girls

Insight on the “Mean Girl” Stigma & Its Effects Relational aggression or the mean girl stigma in young girls is a common social and emotional dilemma that is frequently overlooked and misunderstood. With influence in the media, this behavior is not readily identifiable, being that the aggression can be hard to define due to it’s…
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Embracing Fatherhood at a Young Age

Roland Kendrick decided to take on fatherhood around age 19, fathering a child who was not his own. Twenty years later, he has decided to adopt the girl, Imani Francies, who brought him to embrace fatherhood. It was a night out hanging with friends in Bakersfield, California when Roland Kendrick met and connected with Claria…
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Massive Pregnancy Test Recall After 58,000 Women Get False Positive Results

Finding out that you or your loved one is pregnant can either be the scariest moment of your life or the happiest moment of your life. Regardless of what type of moment it is for you, it is overall a big deal! Taking on the responsibility of caring for another person is a huge decision…
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