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Is “To All the Boys I’ve Loved Before” Really Pro-Feminism?

Why can’t women be sexually incentive the same way males can be? When you see a video of women partaking in some form of sexual activity, they are labeled as a slut, easy, or are belittled in other ways— but males are boasted and praised for being sexually active. In many ways, this is used…
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The Breakfast Club

At this point, those who are film fanatics have watched or at least heard of the 1985 film The Breakfast Club. To sum up the basis of the story— five teenagers from different walks of life serve a day of detention together. There is Claire (the Princess), John (the criminal), Brian (the brain), Andrew (the…
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Signs You’re Settling For Mediocrity When You Could Have A Truly Amazing Life

Settling is tempting, especially when the hopes and dreams you have for your life seem far away and bordering on impossible to achieve. No matter how difficult it is, you should never be okay with mediocrity, especially when the amazing life you’ve always envisioned is still within reach. If you’re doing any of these 10…
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I Do, Chapter 3 Scene (Dramatic-Romance Fiction)

I left out the room, and down the stairs. I noticed the light in the more prominent dining room was on so I headed there. We’ve never eaten in there so I figured it must’ve been important that his mother was here. The dining room was an entirely separate room, closed off from the rest…
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My First Time (Erotic Fiction)

Her palms were sweating, and her feet dangled as she sat on the edge of the bed. Nude. The color of her gown was nude. Her nails were nude; her toes were painted nude. The irony. Her favorite color, a color that she wore faithfully, depicts more than her style but the lifestyle she submits…
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The Beginning of a Twisted Love Story (Erotic-Romance Fiction)

“Ty, move out of my way.” “You took a hard fall. Let me carry you in.” “Honey. I didn’t break anything I’m fine. Close my garage door.” “Haley. Stop being so tough. Did you hear what the doctor said? With your blood pressure and the hit to your head, you could’ve been worse.” “Ty, I…
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