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“Enthralling fiction masterpiece!
I Do is the most spectacular read I have encountered in 2018 !
A stunning opening sentence and an attention gripping first page, pave the way for a thrilling suspense filled journey into the life of a young woman who wakes one day to discover that she remembers nothing of her adult life.

An atmospheric and intriguing story, brimming with so many compelling twists & turns.
This is a story that skilfully captures readers, effortlessly immersing them in the pages and then forcing them to watch as the story comes to life before their eyes.
Spellbinding narrative accompanied by flawless dialogue, a strong plotline, perfect pacing and very vibrant characterization.
I Do is one of the most atmospheric novels I’ve ever read, almost every single page is oozing with emotions ranging from: passion fuelled lust to the paralysing confusion of a lifetime of lost memories, from wedding day joy to horrifying realisation of danger.
Almost every chapter incorporates a whole new emotional perspective- whether romantic or terrifying, elated or depressing, good or evil.
Absolutely enthralling until the very end.

Imani Francies is an exceptionally skilled writer, with a unique gift for storytelling.
The calibre of her writing is so high, it’s incredible to grasp that I Do is her debut.
An incredible use of first person perspective primarily revolving around the viewpoint of an unreliable narrator suffering from amnesia, the technique is deftly employed to yield an amazing degree of detail and countless opportunities for empathy. A rare feat for a first time author.
All the characters are so realistically portrayed, both main characters and minor ones.
Haley is such a fascinating protagonist with a very powerful voice – ultra skilfully portrayed as a living 3 dimensional mass of human contradiction; innocent yet with a dark side, shrewd but also naive, fiesty and vulnerable at once.
Characters from both sides of the moral spectrum are brimming with so much personality that they seem to leap off the pages almost embodied with a life force of their own.
Imani Francies is an unparalleled master of so many different genres: thriller, romance, erotica and mystery.
Her writing transcends and defies all the typical genre classifications, yet seamlessly weaves an assortment of genres together to perfection, producing the perfect page turner.
I Do is truly spectacular, to the last word of the final page.”

— Goodreads Reviewer

“I have to say this book was very thrilling. The story was fresh, sexy, and very exciting. It was so good to read a book that wasnt just your run of the mill ,girl meets guy and falls in love. I definetly felt the struggle, fear, and love that every character went through. The villian, oh my! Lets just say, Im glad hes only a character in a book! I cant wait to read more from this author soon.”

— Amazon Reviewer

“Loved it. Very well written and engaging. Can’t wait to read more from this writer.”

— Amazon Reviewer
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