Dealing With Distractions To Live a More Productive Life


Dealing With Distractions To Live a More Productive Life

It happens to all of us. You tell yourself you are going to be super productive today, but find yourself hopping from one distraction to the next and getting nothing done. To make any changes to this vicious cycle you have to identify your distractions and figure out what you should do about them. I’ve got some advice for you on things you can do to help you eliminate or at least deal with distractions.

Set up the Right Environment

Make sure your work space is free of distractions. It doesn’t matter if you work from home or in a cubicle, you need to make sure the area you are working in is quiet, calm, and has everything you need. When there is chaos going on around you it can be really difficult to focus on work.

Likewise, if you don’t have everything you need to just sit down and work, then you are going to be constantly getting up. Make sure you have all of your work materials, supplies, a beverage, and snacks. Every time you get up you’re ruining your workflow so try to stick to your spot. Whether you’re hunting down a paper you needed or chasing your kids, these things ruin your concentration.

Schedule in Time for Distractions

Some distractions are unavoidable so try to set up a time for you to address these distractions. How much time is up to you and depends a lot on what the distraction is. It you need to check your emails that might only take a 15 minute distraction break. However, if the distraction you need to deal with is an upset little one, you might want to schedule in an hour or more to spend time with them and soothe them.

Create Background Noise

If it isn’t possible to make you workspace quiet trying making use of background noise. Some people use white noise to drown out the chaos, and some people listen to music. Use whatever works for you. Make a playlist of songs that get you pumped up and motivated. My playlist is filled with rock songs like Eye of the Tiger and Down With the Sickness to make sure I am ready to take anything on!

Some people, especially those with ADHD, find it easier to focus when listening to music. It makes sense to me, who can be unproductive when they’re rocking out! However, if music tends to distract you, it might be a good idea to stick to white noise and nature sounds.

Some people find that they’re much more productive when they have headphones on. You don’t have to go out and by the most expensive headphones on the market for this. I own both professional studio headphones and some cheap bluetooth headphones and I find myself reaching for my less than $30 headphones more often than not. So, to eliminate the sound of your coworkers or other people in your house just slap on some headphones and hit play on your motivational playlist!  

Make Goals

Make specific goals for yourself to reach during your work time. People are more likely to achieve more if they’re working towards a goal than if they’re just working in general. Maybe it’s because we humans can be so competitive, but it feels awesome when you crush your goals!

Tell yourself that you can take a break after you complete a certain number of something and then follow through with it. Remember to reward yourself when you meet your goals. Whether the reward be a short break or something like getting yourself a book you’ve been wanting. Make sure your rewards correspond to your goals. If it was a small goal then give yourself a small reward.  

Eliminate Stress

Nothing distracts like stress. When your mind is stuck focusing on things you’re worried about, you won’t be able to get anything done. Make sure you are dealing with things as they come up. Being under too much stress can make you sick and wreak havoc on your mind.

Make sure, when you’re done with work, you’re taking time to destress and take care of yourself. Getting enough sleep can be a good way to deal with excessive stress. It’s easier to think things over and figure out a solution when you’re well rested!

Are you ready to take on your distractions?! Let me know what you think with a comment down below. If you found this post helpful make sure you like and share it!

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