How Companies Are Using Millennial Nostalgia To Create New Technology


How Companies Are Using Millennial Nostalgia To Create New Technology

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There seems to be no shortage of consumer items currently in circulation that have qualities of nostalgia to them. Despite how technologically advanced we have become as a society, consumers, specifically millennials, seem to have a soft spot for the “retro” and vintage items of the 80s, 90s, and early 2000s. This trend has returned many of the fashions we used to see from those decades into back into style but with a current twist to them. This nostalgia has also led to the growing popularity and reboot of older fashion brands like Baby Phat. Although our nostalgia has played a major part in our fashion trends, it also has a major part in the development of our technological items as well. One thing I’ve noticed lately from social media is millennials almost obsession with vintage technological items like polaroid cameras, cassette players, vinyl and more.

So why is it that millennials have a desire for these nostalgia technologies and how are tech developers responding to this demand?

Our desire for these items as a whole might have something to do with these products being linked to memories of the simpler times in our lives as kids. Millennials have lived through some major developments in technology in a pretty short lifetime.

Tech developers have latched on to these sentiments and have begun creating new technology to satisfy the demand of our nostalgia.

In 2017 Nintendo released the Nintendo Switch, a multiplayer hybrid game console that can be used as both a portable and stationary device. It was introduced as a response to nostalgia from consumers over their older device, The Nintendo DS. This device became the fastest-selling console in the history of the company. It’s two years later and now the company plans on possibly adding 5G technology to the console. This would new feature would open up more opportunities for the user to connect with our social media world through the Switch while also giving the user a faster connection that can be used for gameplay.

Nokia is another brand that has created technology based on nostalgia. In October 2017, Nokia re-released the Nokia 3310. This particular style was by far the most popular silhouette of Nokia’s from the early 2000s when this phone was first released. The 2017 model didn’t include smartphone adaptability (so, unfortunately, no apps could be downloaded onto the phone). Instead, it presented a re-imagined, more modern version of the phone that could appeal to the nostalgia of old Nokia users.

The last brand I’ll be listing is one that I just so happened to have stumbled across while on Twitter. This idea is of a Bluetooth cassette player. This wireless cassette player will be an update to the popular Sony Walkman player. This would allow its user to listen to all the classics of the 80s and even mixtape cassettes. The Bluetooth option allows the user the more modern option of listening to the cassette with wireless headphones, making it the world’s first for this technological device. It launched on Kickstarter last week, July 4, 2019. Once social media really gets news of this, I could see this device becoming fairly popular amongst millennials.

Overall, companies have to keep up with society’s demands in order to create products desired by consumers. As millennials desire for items of nostalgia increases, I’m sure companies will continue finding new ingenious ways to combine those older technologies with new products. Definitely keep an eye out for new products to see what kind of new nostalgia products developers will be coming out with next!

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