How to Stay Healthy While You Work


How to Stay Healthy While You Work

Nowadays, a majority of people work in an environment where it can be hard to stick with healthy habits. You’re tired, you’ve been sitting at a desk all day staring at a screen. How are you supposed to be able to focus on healthy habits, when all you can focus on is going home? There are lots of cool little tips and tricks that can help you stay healthy and maybe even boost your productivity as a happy little bonus!

Stay Active

Fun educational tip: an object in motion stays in motion while an object at rest stays at rest. Heck, it’s Newton’s first law! So it stands to reason that if you’re in motion you’re going to keep moving. The same can be said about if you’re at rest. If you’ve been sitting in a chair all day not moving, you’re not going to feel like moving. So, it’s essential to stay in motion while you’re working. If you’re at rest, there’s a good chance your brain is at rest too.

There are tons of way you can stay active throughout your workday, even if you work at an office!

Take the Stairs

Start your day off right and take the stairs. If you take the stairs you get your blood pumping and your endorphins going. You’ll feel good about yourself and it’ll wake up your brain. Sometimes we all need a wake-up call for our brain!

Use a Yoga Ball

So, you have to sit at your desk. That doesn’t mean you have to slouch in and doze off! Replace your office chair with a yoga ball. It may not seem like a huge change, but it is. When you use a yoga ball instead of a chair you remain alert. If you zone out on a yoga ball you’re likely to topple over! That’s a great incentive to keep your brain awake. Also, while you sit on a yoga ball you are constantly using your core muscles to stay upright. That’s practically an all-day workout!

Try a Standing Desk

If you’re worried about zoning out on a yoga ball, there are alternatives. Standing desks are in right now and they’re great for you! If you’re using a standing desk you’ll have better posture since you won’t be slouched in a chair or leaning on a desk. If you’re already standing to work, then you’re more likely to be active. Think about it, if you’re already standing, then it’s no problem to just walk over to where ever you need to go instead of putting it off until later!


Snacking while you work can be a great as long as you’re eating the right thing. I’m not saying that you should munch on a bag or chips all day, but there are some benefits to snacking. Snacking can keep you awake and give you something to do with your hands if you’re fidgety like me. Of course, there are the obvious perks to snacking, like the energy you get from the food. So load up on some brain food and lets jump in!

A healthy crunch

When I snack I go for anything that has the crunch factor. There is something so satisfying about a crunchy snack. Some great snacks that are both crunchy and good for you are a win-win! Some great snacking alternative to chips are:
• Nuts
• Apples
• Cucumber slices
• Zucchini slices
• Carrot sticks
• Pears

Quench Your Thirst

When you think healthy drinks what do you think of? Herbal teas? I’m not throwing shade on herbal tea, I promise, but sometimes during your workday, you just need something more. Water is always great. However, sparkling water gives you that little fizz that keeps you going and there are a lot of great fruit flavored options out there.

The other great option to keep you going is coffee! Yes! I know, coffee! I’m talking about black unsweetened coffee as a good drink option to keep you going. However, it’s worth noting coffee that has creamer and sugar added didn’t make the cut. If you throw a little sugar in to add that little bit of magic, I won’t judge.

Take Care of Your Mental Health

The last, and arguably the most important, part of staying healthy while you work is to take care of yourself. Take some time to relax and focus on yourself. Don’t stress too much! I cannot say it enough! Things can get crazy at work and sometimes you have a bad day. It happens, but when it’s a bad month or a bad year take a step back and figure out when it all started.

Keep a positive attitude and constantly find inspiration. Just remember you don’t find motivation, you make it! It’s never shameful to get help!

Stay Healthy!

Keep moving, snack right, and take care of yourself! If you have any suggestions on how to stay healthy while you work, let me know!

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