Massive Pregnancy Test Recall After 58,000 Women Get False Positive Results


Massive Pregnancy Test Recall After 58,000 Women Get False Positive Results

Finding out that you or your loved one is pregnant can either be the scariest moment of your life or the happiest moment of your life. Regardless of what type of moment it is for you, it is overall a big deal! Taking on the responsibility of caring for another person is a huge decision and an honorable. Well, there was recently a massive pregnancy test recall after 58,000 women received false positives.

Finding out that you’re pregnant. Finding out that you’re pregnant can be extremely exciting because the process of the pregnancy and raising a kid is a beautiful experience– some women spend majority of their lives anticipating being a mother. So imagine how distraught some women must have felt when they found out their test result was a false positive.

An opposing feeling. On the other hand, someone women just don’t want children (and that’s okay) or they don’t feel like they are ready or in the right place in their lives to take care of a kid. So for those women, finding out that the pregnancy test was a false positive must’ve been exciting news.

58,000 home pregnancies. There was over 58,000 at-home pregnancy test that gave off false positive results. The brand of these test was Clear & Simple. That is a lot of false-positive results, and it’s amazing that it altered 58,000 women before the defect was noticed.

The manufacturer. The manufacturer was Guangzhou Wondfo Biotech. They decided to pull the tests from distribution in the United Kingdom because of the false positive controversy.

A small number. The manufacturer said that they pulled back the pregnancy tests from distribution because a “small number” of women reported that tests giving false answers. BUT how is 58,000 women a small number of them?

A warning to the public. After word broke loose of the false positives, health official warned the public. The United Kingdom health officials advised people to see of their pregnancy test are from the faulty lot. The lot number on the faulty test is “number DM10220170710E.”

A press release. There was a press release given after this ordeal and Dr. Duncan McPherson, the clinical director of medical devices at the Medicines and Healthcare products Regulatory Agency spoke in the press release. “Patient safety is our highest priority… We strongly encourage anyone to report any issues with this product,” he emphasized.

Look for alternative ways. Though the manufacturer supposedly identified which pregnancy tests were giving the false positives, the U.K health officials still advised people to seek alternative ways to test for their pregnancy. This would be the best option for women in the meantime.

A survey. There was a survey given in January from the U.K. parenting site, It found that 62 percent of British moms-to-be took additional pregnancy test after receiving a positive result.

It’s kind of smart. Getting an additional pregnancy test after a positive result is actually a smart think to do though. It allows you to be sure that you are pregnant. But the site refers to this phenomena as the “pregnancy addiction test.”

Ten pregnancy tests. The same survey also found that some moms end up taking 10 pregnancy tests. The survey of 1,435 moms found that 7 percent of women take 10 tests.

But there’s more. Aside from the 7 percent of women who take ten pregnancy test, one in 20 women will take more than 16 to ensure that they are actually pregnant. That sounds pretty expensive, right?

It sounds crazy. Taking 20 or 16 pregnancy tests may sound crazy but it’s not. These women just want to be reassured and/or are even extremely shocked by the fact of them being pregnant.

A long journey. Being pregnant is a big deal for most women. For many women, the journey to pregnancy is a long and emotional one… In most cases, there are few symptoms of pregnancy early on and testing can be a way to reassure a woman that they are still pregnant,” Dr. Thomas Molinaro of Reproductive Medicine Associates of New Jersey explained to PEOPLE.

Pregnancy is a big deal. Finding out that you’re pregnant is an emotional thing, and it is also extremely significant. So knowing that pregnancy tests can easily malfunction should encourage everyone to receive alternative pregnancy tests after receiving a positive result.

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