Oh, You’re A Stay At Home Mom?


Oh, You’re A Stay At Home Mom?

Have you ever heard that phrase before? Why, yes, Helen, please tell me more about how I don’t have a real job! In recent years the work and effort it takes to raise your kids 24/7 and manage your household has been greatly undervalued. Any time you say you’re a stay at home mom people roll their eyes and ask why you make your spouse to everything. Doesn’t that just frustrate you? I’m pretty sure all stay at home moms deserve some sort of medal! They’re amazing! 

We raise and inspire our young children, some of us even home school their older kids, all day and deal with every meltdown and problem their kids have. Not only do they deal with that, but we also manage their household, they cook, clean, and do laundry. Most of us do basic home repairs, manage budgets and meal planning. Not only that, but a lot of us also work at home! On top of that, we manage all of those things with kids running around! It’s incredibly rewarding, but it can be really stressful. There are some ways you can stay sane while being a stay at home/ work at home mom.

Ask for Help, You Aren’t Wonder Woman 

You are going to need help sometimes. It isn’t a failure, I promise. Sometimes you get that mom guilt where you think you should be able to do everything because your spouse is working hard and it’s your only responsibility. It can be really hard to deal with that feeling that you don’t do enough. Just remember that you are doing the equivalent of two full-time jobs! Daycare centers make good money because watching your kids all day is hard! 

You’re managing the house on top of making sure your children turn out to be respectable human beings! It’s okay to ask your partner to help when they get home from work. Ask a family member to come over for a couple of hours to watch your kids if there’s something you need to get done. Hire a nanny. I don’t mean full time or anything like that but on an as-needed basis. Maybe hire them to come over for an hour every day or so, so you can work or even just a couple hours per week. It’s great to have a babysitter that your kids have developed a relationship with for when you need someone to watch your kids for date nights.

Make Some Mommy Time

Your bosses are tiny terrors that don’t take prisoners. Make some time for you, you flipping earned it! Have your hubby watch the kids while you disappear into the bathroom with a book and a glass of wine to soak in the tub and enjoy some time alone. Go out with friends and have brunch. Whatever it is that helps you de-stress and unwind is what you need to do. Don’t feel guilty for leaving your kids with your spouse or a family member for a couple of hours while you go out. We all need a breather sometimes.

Have a Hobby (Drinking wine doesn’t count!)

I know, it’s a travesty that drinking wine doesn’t count. In all fairness though, the wine should probably wait until your spouse comes home, or at least until nap time if it’s one of those days. What you need is something that you enjoy and can do whenever. Some people bake or cook. Some people are crafty and make things that Pinterest would be jealous of. Find something that you can do to destress even when your little demons angels are running around.

Don’t Forget About Your Hubby

You can still date your hubby, even after you’ve been together forever and have kids. It’s actually even more important to be in a healthy relationship when you have kids. They look up to you and use what they see as their idea of what a relationship should be like. Go on dates, be all lovey-dovey. Make your kids scream EWWWW and make gagging sounds over how cute you are together. Keep the romance going and remember to support each other.

Make Friends With Other Insane Moms in the Same Situation

No matter how much your family supports you unless they’re in the same situation, they probably don’t completely understand. It’s good to make friends with other moms dealing with the same things. You’ll be able to understand and support each other. They might even have great advice and how you can deal with whatever it is you’re dealing with. If those reasons aren’t enough, then consider this, it’s always nice to have someone to drink wine and complain about things with! Seriously, even if it’s just a group over the internet, find mom friends that understand what you deal with. It’s so important that you have a good support system.

Are you feeling more confident in your ability to stay sane? If you ever need a friend to drink wine and complain about, I’m here! Let me know how you survive being a stay at home mom. Don’t forget to like and share if you found this post helpful or at least entertaining!

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