People and Things Come And Go But Dealing With These Changes Doesn’t Have To Be So Challenging!


People and Things Come And Go But Dealing With These Changes Doesn’t Have To Be So Challenging!

Dealing with big changes or a lot of changes at once can be really stressful, even if they are good changes. It can be difficult to adjust. You might even feel like your life is out of control! It’s okay, that’s normal. I have some tips on how to deal with changes and keep your sanity.

Take a step back

The first thing you need to do when you start to freak out over change is to step back. You feel like you’re going crazy, and you just don’t know what you should be doing or how to react. Take a breather, step back, and figure out what part of the change has you stressing. You can’t start to deal with things until you know what you need to deal with. Don’t try to tackle the whole situation at once.

When you sit down to think about the situation you might realize that it’s not the change itself that’s stressing you out. Think it over, break down your feelings for the change going on. It’s much easier to deal with things one at a time. You’ll find it a lot easier this way. I know I do.

Change your view

If you know what part of the change has you yanking your hair out, then you can start to fix the problem. If the problem is something you have any sort of control over, then do something about it. Often times though, the change going on is inevitable and we just need to change the way we see it.

Whether the change is a different job, moving, or even something like an addition to the family you can look towards the future to how this change is going to affect things. It may just lead to a brighter future. Understand that the change is going to happen, and it’s not in your control. Instead, focus on the things that are in your control.  

Stick to your usual schedule

Consistency is so crucial when going through change. It can give you the anchor you really need to let yourself know that things will settle. Don’t cut things out of your regular routine because you’re stressed. If you get up every morning at six so you can go on a run, then keep doing that.

We are creatures of habit, we find comfort in established routines. Adding another change and taking away one of those comforts can really mess with you. Stress can be a crazy thing. It can even make you sick, so try to keep your stress to a minimum during the changes you face.


In my experience, exercise makes great therapy. I like to just throw on some headphones and go out for a run when my head gets overloaded. When you exercise you’re working off all of that negative energy and keeping your body healthy. It’s also a great time to go over everything that’s been happening. Sometimes just reflecting on what’s happened can make you feel better.

The healthier you are, the easier it can be to deal with the changes you face. If exercise is not already a regular part of your schedule try to fit it in. It’s like a therapy session for your body and mind.

Talk to someone

Some people find that not even going over things in their head helps them relax. That’s alright, don’t panic. Just lean on your support system. Talking to someone you trust can help you get a new perspective on what you’re dealing with. If they know you well enough they might even have insights on what you personally might find to be the best coping mechanism. Just stay away from the well-meaning friends that suggest the answer is alcohol. Stressful times can be the trigger to an addiction.

When you sit down and talk with people you trust, you might find that all you really needed was to be able to vent about your frustrations. Just remember not to take your venting too far. Social media is not the place to talk about how frustrated you are with your boss. Don’t vent when you’re angry, you’ll end up saying things you don’t mean and can’t take back.

Embrace the change

Finally, you’ll get to a point where you can embrace the change. You’ve dealt with your stress and frustrations, now it’s time to let go and let change happen. Dive in, see what you can do to make the change go along more smoothly. Be proactive, not reactive. Know that things will happen how they happen and that’s okay.

Think about how you can use the change to your advantage. Make the change work for you. It’s okay to be stressed out, it’s okay to feel frustrated. Stick to your routine, exercise, and remember that it’s okay to talk to someone.

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