Plotting Your Story Is The Key to Minimal Editing


Plotting Your Story Is The Key to Minimal Editing

Writers get these fantastic story ideas, and they start writing with no thought to it– and this tactic is alright, but end up hitting a roadblock in their process. Some writers wind up being unsure of where to go with their stories once they reach the midpoint and others discover there are significant holes in their storyline when they finish.

This route leads writers to spend multiple months to multiple years writing one story– but this can all be avoided by plotting each aspect of every story.

Plotting each aspect of every story allows you to write the entire story in good time without having multiple holes in your story and without being unsure of where your story ends.

In 2018, my income derived from my writing. I’ve ghostwritten four novellas and three novels because my first step after having story ideas was to plot out every aspect of my stories. Once I took the time to plot everything, the writing process was quick and efficient. The elements to plot before writing are:

Once all of the above aspects are plotted, writing the entire story can take 30 days depending on how many words you write in a day. In other blogs, I talk about how to plot each aspect.

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