December 7, 2018


Imanileo Writes

-The Creative Copywriter-


I help companies generate more sales by creating a genuine connection between producer and consumer through strategic word placement.


I help companies make money by humanizing their company.

On all of my social media, I make an effort to share my personal life. Why? Because connection = sales!

I not only humanize companies, but I connect products to specific individuals and their lifestyles through words.

As entrepreneurs, we can easily undermine the significance of a copywriter because of limited funds, but it's always best to have a professional analyze the content that you put in front of potential customers.

-The first impression dictates the final sale.-


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Imanileo Writes' Clients

United Way of Greater Atlanta - Department of Homelessness

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Other Clients

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U.S. Attorneys
U.S. Attorneys
POOP 911
POOP 911
Various hotels
Various hotels