Protagonist v. Antagonist


Protagonist v. Antagonist

This concept may seem relatively simple but the line that separates protagonist and antagonist, are often crossed.


The protagonist is usually the ‘good guy’ or the center of the story. This person is the one who is driving the story and experiencing consequences from the decisions they’ve made in the story.

The main characters’ circumstances are also affected by the protagonist (and in some cases, the protagonist is the man character). The protagonist is the:

  • primary person moving the story.
  • one that faces the most obstacles.
  • one the reader reads about this person the most.


The antagonist is not always a single person– it can be a group of individuals, an institution or concept. Regardless of who or what the antagonist is, the primary purpose is to stand in the way of or against the protagonist’s goal.

  • This person or entity opposes the protagonist and his/her goals

The antagonist usually causes the obstacles the protagonist have to overcome. Such as physical, emotional or mental roadblocks.

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