Reasons to disconnect from social media


Reasons to disconnect from social media


Social media is a great thing for people who wish to connect to others on the internet. It helps promote friendships, relationships, and staying in touch. Despite the positive things, social media is also a breeding ground for misinformation, arguments, bullying, and other problems. While there are pros and cons to it, it can be very healthy to disconnect from social media.

What does disconnecting mean?

Disconnecting from social media does not necessarily mean deleting your Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and other accounts. It just means taking some time off of these platforms. If you think this will be easy, try it out, you may find yourself subconsciously opening these apps on your phone, or visiting these sites on your computer. This probably means that you might have a social media addiction, where you are literally checking your pages out of habit. It is a good idea to try to break these habits.

Even if you do not find yourself habitually checking in on your social media, it can still be a good idea to disconnect from it. Many social media posts nowadays can lead to heightened stress levels, even if they are not necessarily controversial. Getting away from the posts other people make can help you regather your thoughts and opinions on your own. Even seeing pictures on Instagram can have this effect.

Why is disconnecting helpful?

As stated above, social media can cause a lot of stress in your life. Even if you aren’t frequently making posts or getting into arguments, simply seeing certain posts can trigger stressful emotions in you. This can come from pictures, text, or any type of content on social media, and you may not even be aware of it happening. By disconnecting from social media, you can relieve a lot of stress.

Disconnecting can also help you refresh your mind and opinions. Many of your opinions can be formed and shaped by the media you read, and social media platforms will influence these opinions. Politics are a hot topic with the 2020 election coming up, and you have surely seen dozens of political posts that have impacted how you feel. Imagine having never seen these posts, your opinions would surely be different. By disconnecting you are able to get away from this and shape your own thoughts and feelings.

You will experience other parts of life when you choose to disconnect from social media. You may have no idea how much time you are actually spending on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter until you actually stop going on them. Without spending time scrolling down your feed, you may find yourself doing things that are more enjoyable and/or productive. You can clean your house, go for a walk without pulling out your phone, or spend some time with friends or family in person. When you come back to social media, you will have greater respect for life outside of it.

How can I successfully disconnect when social media is so important to my life and career?

For some people, like myself, disconnecting fully is not an option. As a writer, I use social media networks to promote my work, but that doesn’t mean that I don’t disconnect. I simply don’t scroll down my feed, I don’t make posts, and I stay off of social media outside of work. I also turn off notifications outside of my work pages, so that I am not tempted to open the apps.

Turning off notifications is perhaps the most important part of disconnecting. To truly disconnect, you don’t want to have anything tempting you. This is a big part of why notifications exist, the companies behind different social media platforms want you to see them and open them. By getting rid of the temptation to open them, you will be far more successful.


If you do need to use social media for different aspects of your life, that is okay. If you are serious about disconnecting, choose a period of time and try to stay off of all social media for that period of time. Try to aim for about a week to start, and then go up from there in the future. You will be amazed at how open your world and mind will become when you are not spending so much time scrolling down your social media feeds.


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