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Don’t let critic reviews stop you from seeing The Lion King

The critics didn’t like the live-action adaptation of The Lion King very much, but that shouldn’t stop you from seeing it if you want to.

Game of Thrones fans should read the books the show is based off of

Many fans were disappointed in how the series progressed and ended. This probably has a lot to do with the source content of the show.

Beginning to the End

Robin’s Family Short Story One

Protagonist v. Antagonist

The protagonist is usually the ‘good guy’ or the center of the story. This person is the one who is driving the story and experiencing consequences from the decisions they’ve made in the story.

Writing A Monologue

At some point in our story, one or all of our character’s has an awakening and end up giving a monologue. 

The Beginning of a Twisted Love Story (Erotic-Romance Fiction)

“Ty, move out of my way.” “You took a hard fall. Let me carry you in.” “Honey. I didn’t break anything I’m fine. Close my garage door.” “Haley. Stop being so tough. Did you hear what the doctor said? With your blood pressure and the hit to your head, you could’ve been worse.” “Ty, I…
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