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How to Be Comfortable in Your Own Body

‘You are unique and special’– we hear people say that but may not always believe it. Every day we see individuals with attributes that we wish we had. It can be challenging to be confident in your body and love yourself. This instance starts as early as your childhood; you didn’t like your freckles or…
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Creating a Budget

The Beginner’s Guide To Creating a Budget Budget time! Exciting, right? Alright, I know it seems daunting, but don’t we all have those things that we really want and need to save up for? There are tons of articles and posts about how to create the perfect budget, but this one is different. I’m going…
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Every Character Deserves a Backstory

The backstory not only adds definition to the front story, it adds meaning to the character as well because it allows the reader to understand what the character was like in the past.