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Getting Over Your Post-Graduation Depression/Confusion

Life after graduation is not always the perfect story-book ending, and these grads have no problem expressing their frustration!

Signs You’re in the Wrong Career

Are you wondering why you’re still putting up with your job when you absolutely hate it? Yeah, you’re probably in the wrong career!

Beginning to the End

Robin’s Family Short Story One

As You Evolve, Friends Come And Go, But It’s OKAY!

Friendships are forever changing, and if you’re someone’s friend, don’t take it for granted. Being a friend means that someone chose you to be a part of their lives and for someone to willingly choose you means that you bring something of value to the friendship. These types of relationships allow you to create a…
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How to Be Comfortable in Your Own Body

‘You are unique and special’– we hear people say that but may not always believe it. Every day we see individuals with attributes that we wish we had. It can be challenging to be confident in your body and love yourself. This instance starts as early as your childhood; you didn’t like your freckles or…
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