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Getting a Dog Can Help Improve Your Life

There are many benefits of having a dog as a pet. Having a good relationship with a dog can help improve your life.

Beginning to the End

Robin’s Family Short Story One

5 Tips For Men Using Dating Apps

5 tips to help men using dating apps to find a relationship.

Millenials responsible for dropping divorce rates

According to new data in an article on Bloomberg, American millennials are getting fewer divorces than previous generations. The results of the study show that the American divorce rate dropped 18 percent from 2008 to 2016. The main reason for this is– for obvious reasons– that the younger generation is staying married. Millennials have not…
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The Beginning of a Twisted Love Story (Erotic-Romance Fiction)

“Ty, move out of my way.” “You took a hard fall. Let me carry you in.” “Honey. I didn’t break anything I’m fine. Close my garage door.” “Haley. Stop being so tough. Did you hear what the doctor said? With your blood pressure and the hit to your head, you could’ve been worse.” “Ty, I…
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