The Beginning of a Twisted Love Story


The Beginning of a Twisted Love Story


“Ty, move out of my way.”

“You took a hard fall. Let me carry you in.”

“Honey. I didn’t break anything I’m fine. Close my garage door.”

“Haley. Stop being so tough. Did you hear what the doctor said? With your blood pressure and the hit to your head, you could’ve been worse.”

“Ty, I am okay! I promise.”

He grabbed my face and whispered, “Stop talking, Haley. Come here.”

My eyes gleamed into his and my cheeks blushed.

“Okay,” I said resentfully.

He took my hand and guided me out of the passenger seat. His other hand glided down my back, giving me chills down my spine. Still moving down, his hand stopped over my butt.

“What are you doing?”


“What are you reminiscing about, sir?”

“Last night.”

My cheeks beamed red, “What happened last night?”

He leaned in, kissed my ear and whispered: “When my hands were gripping you’re a** while you moaned softly in my ear.”

He kissed my ear one last time and slid his hands onto my legs, swooping me securely into his arms.

“You good?”

My eyes smiled at him, and I searched for words in the midst of the butterflies storming through my body.


His soft, perfectly rounded lips interrupted me. My whole body warmed as his lips danced in circles with mine.

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