The Beginning of a Twisted Love Story


“Ty, move out of my way.”

“You took a hard fall. Let me carry you in.”

“Honey. I didn’t break anything I’m fine. Close my garage door.”

“Haley. Stop being so tough. Did you hear what the doctor said? With your blood pressure and the hit to your head, you could’ve been worse.”

“Ty, I am okay! I promise.”

He grabbed my face and whispered, “Stop talking, Haley. Come here.”

My eyes gleamed into his and my cheeks blushed.

“Okay,” I said resentfully.

He took my hand and guided me out of the passenger seat. His other hand glided down my back, giving me chills down my spine. Still moving down, his hand stopped over my butt.

“What are you doing?”


“What are you reminiscing about, sir?”

“Last night.”

My cheeks beamed red, “What happened last night?”

He leaned in, kissed my ear and whispered: “When my hands were gripping you’re a** while you moaned softly in my ear.”

He kissed my ear one last time and slid his hands onto my legs, swooping me securely into his arms.

“You good?”

My eyes smiled at him, and I searched for words in the midst of the butterflies storming through my body.


His soft, perfectly rounded lips interrupted me. My whole body warmed as his lips danced in circles with mine. His arms tightened around me, and he pressed against me harder.

Placing one hand on his face, I didn’t want him to stop. Everything about him was so damn perfect. He couldn’t stop. The way he kissed me was beyond desirable. I wanted him to lay me on this ground and rip all my clothes off at this exact moment.

Just as my body began to loosen up for him, he removed his lips from mine, kissed my cheek, kissed my neck and started circling his tongue around my neck. I let myself sigh out a gentle moan, following with a soft “fuck.”

His tongue stopped for a second, and I felt his lips stretch out into a smirk. Placing his lips back on my skin, his tongue traced down to the top of my breast. Pulling the top of my shirt down with his teeth, revealing my nipple.

His tongue commenced with the circling. Instead of circling my neck, it was around my nipple. The view of Ty licking and sucking on my breast sent me to the moon. My eyes faded in and out with the intense arousal I experienced.

“Don’t stop,” I exclaimed as he kissed my nipple one last time, and tugged my blouse back over my breast with his teeth.

“You ready to go in?”

“No, I want you to keep going right here.”

He grinned at me, adjusted himself and began walking towards the door. “Let’s go.”

“You didn’t close the garage.”

“My fault,” he said as he twirled me around to the garage button, “Here push the button… Open the door too.”

I twisted the knob, and the sense of disappointment flowed through my body instantly.

Bel was standing there. I saw every single one of her teeth as she hollered, “WELCOME HOME!”

I couldn’t be sure if the smile appeared on my face out of embarrassment or as a way to pretend that I wasn’t getting my nipple sucked on my best friend’s boyfriend.

“What are you doing here,” I asked stuttering.

“I wanted to make your home nice and cozy when Ty brought you home… Here.”

Ty sat me on my feet, and Bel handed me my favorite pair of sweats and a t-shirt.

“Go get in the shower, and get right into bed! You’ve been working extremely too hard.”

My eyes were wide as ever, I turned my head and scolded Ty, giving him a cracked smiled “You knew Bel was going to be here?”


I stepped back, beaming my eyes scoldingly at them, “You know I hate surprises, guys.”

Ty grazed his hand on the back of my head, beaming at me. “Just get in the shower, we’ll talk later.”

My body warmed in a rage with a mix of desperation. “How the hell could he do that to me knowing she was inside?” my brain raged on in confusion.

Despite my internal pouting, I listened and headed to my room. But while walking away, I heard Bel ask in a whisper, “What’d the doctors say?”

“They said she got lucky. Her blood pressure was kind of up there.”

“What even happened outside my house, Ty?”

“Read this.”

I watched as Ty handed Bel an envelope and I immediately remembered that dreaded letter.

“We don’t hear the shower running!” Bel yelled from the kitchen.

“Don’t be a nag, Bel.”

As prideful as I can be, the shower was refreshing— I just couldn’t stop thinking about Ty’s lips.

I stepped out of the shower and into my room.

“Whoa hottie, put some clothes on.”

Shocked, I chuckled resentfully, “I didn’t know you guys were in here, give me a second.”

“Okay, hurry so we can talk.”

“Talk? What the hell did we need to talk about? Did she hear him and me out in the garage? What the hell, Haley? What are you doing with him?” I thought.

My thoughts roared inside my head as I yanked my periwinkle blue sweats up each leg.

I opened the door to my closet after pushing my arm through the last hole opening in my shirt “So wassup?”

“This letter! Haley, what the hell?”

“Who is he? Did you have any idea of things between him and Ava? You two were close.”

“Kind of.”

“What do you mean, kind of?”

“I knew there were some feelings in the midst of their relationship, but I shut it down.”

“How is this shutting it down?!” She roared at me, “SHE’S DEAD, HALEY!”

“Hey! Enough Isobel! Ava was a grown woman, Haley can’t control all their actions. We knew the risks when we started this!” Ty’s eyes bulged at Bel.

Bel closed her eyes and inhaled slowly. She reluctantly exhaled a bitter, “Okay.”

“So what did you know?”

“Not much. We would meet for lunch every now and then, and she expressed her feelings for him.”

“You guys went out to lunch? And you didn’t even tell me. I’m your best friend!!”

“Please! Let’s just keep this about business right now.”

“K. Her eyes cursed me as they rolled to the back of her head, “Well… what did she say to you?”

“She told me about the first time they met. It was at our intro-party on the roof of that hotel. She was on the opposite side of the room, surrounded by all the men and the others girls. Everyone was flirting and catching their leads while she sat on that light-gray couch that was in the center of everything, scouting him out. After a while, she noticed him watching her, so she tugged her dress up, making her breast jiggle. She did everything precisely to get him over there, and when he did come, she said she fell for him at that moment. When she spoke to me, she expressed that she believed it was the martini that made her feel that way, so she ignored the feeling until being with him while she was sober… but what makes everything weirder, from how she spoke about their interaction, he fell for her too..”

“So why is Ava dead? What does he want with you? … Wha… What are we gonna do?”

“I don’t know Bel.”

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