Types of Conflict in Any Story


Types of Conflict in Any Story

When I decided to make storytelling my profession, I just started telling stories– I didn’t take the time to understand the details behind my stories. Doing so made it difficult to finish my stories in an adequate amount of time because I always had to rework the text.

One major thing I had to redefine throughout my stories consistently were the types of conflicts due to me not continually refreshing myself on all seven kinds of conflicts.

1. Person V. Person

2. Person V. Self

  • When a person battles themselves.
  • A battle between multiple personalities or choosing to take a path of good or evil.

3. Person V. Fate (God(s))

  • When a person has to face a destiny they can’t avoid.
  • The struggle to reach freedom (or free will) often

4. Person V. Society

  • A person against the injustices within their society.
  • Individual or group ‘fighting the good fight’.

5. Person V. Nature

  • Humankind against nature.
  • Fighting to survive after a natural disaster.
  • Fighting to save animals, wilderness, etc.

6. Person V. Supernatural

  • Common in science fiction and supernatural stories.
  • A battle against an unknown entity (whether it’s extraterrestrial or metaphysical+)

7. Person V. Technology

  • A battle against artificial intelligence (robots, etc.).
  • Person or group of people battling against unemotional and unsympathetic forces that tend to be more intelligent than humans.

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