Unplugged Entertainment For Kids


Unplugged Entertainment For Kids

It’s summer and your kids are home all the time. They’ve watched enough TV already that they speak fluent movie quotes and know every commercial my heart. Yeah, it might be time to unplug them. I’m not saying you should send them back to the stone age, but give them something else to do. The question is how the heck do you entertain your loveable little monsters without a TV, iPad, or phone?! Don’t worry, I’ve got some answers for you so you can get back to your work *cough-cough* Pinterest as soon as possible!

Learn Life Skills in Fun Ways

There comes a point in the summer when your kids have decided that they’ve experienced and done everything they can possibly do during the summer. This usually happens around the second day of summer right? Now you’re left with the question of what do I do now? Summers are a great time to teach your kids things they don’t learn in school. Since most schools have taken out all home economics, the summer is a great time to teach them how to survive and perform basic adult tasks. 

Plan out fun projects like creating little stuffies or teach them how to cook their favorite foods. If it’s fun they won’t even know that they’re learning important skills. Make a game out of balancing a checkbook and budgeting their allowance. Teach your kids things like how to do basic house repairs and maintenance. These are crucial things that schools don’t teach so we, as parents, need to teach these things to our kids.

A few ideas could be sewing stuffies and then donating them to charities. Kids do great when they are able to work with their hands instead of just being talked at. Let them learn by doing, just help them out when they need it and let them feel that sense of independence. 

Create a Boredom-Buster Jar  

I’ve seen this one on a couple of different sites so I’m not really sure where it originated from, but it’s brilliant. You grab a large jar or really any sort of container that you can reach into. Have your kids decorate them in whatever way they want and then fill them with pieces of colored paper with activities on them. Whenever your kids say that they’re bored tell them to pick out an activity.

A great way to use boredom is to turn it into creativity. To do that, add a lot of creative activities to your jar. Try having your kids create a story or design a collage board of things they want to achieve. You can then use them to teach them what they’ll need to do to get to that point.

Create a Fun Fund Jar

Using any sort of jar, put popsicle sticks of pieces of paper that have different tasks that your kids could do to earn money. It could be something simple like organizing a messy pantry. The amounts that they earn could be between $1-5. Then it’s up to you to decide if you give your child the money they earned or if it would work better for you to hold on to the money and use it whenever they really want something, but it isn’t in your budget.

It could be a fun way for your kids to earn a little spending money and for things around your house to get done. It gives your kids an incentive to do something productive and learning about caring for your house. Cleaning the bathroom a couple of times will probably give them a little appreciation for what you do when you’re home. It might even help prevent future messes! 

Make a Family Fun Point System

Try setting up a chart in a central location, like the kitchen, where you can keep track of points your kids get for doing something. The things they do to earn points could be something as simple as making their bed without being asked for little ones. Any little chore your kids do without being asked could be worth points. Set a goal for them to reach. If they reach a certain amount of points they get a reward.

I suggest making the rewards be experiences. It’s always a good thing to teach your children to value experiences over objects. A reward could be something simple like going out and getting their favorite ice cream. You might even want to implement a point system where they can cash out their points when they meet goals or continue saving them up for an even bigger reward. It’s a fun way for kids to get to go to the things they want and learn how good it feels when you earn something!

Are you ready to cut the cord? Let me know if you have any other ideas! Remember to like and share this post if you found it helpful!

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