Where To Find Freelancing Writing Jobs


Where To Find Freelancing Writing Jobs

The Struggles of a freelancer are real. Especially if you are just starting out on your freelancing journey. Firstly, you don’t know where to find jobs, so you just take whatever’s available. Then, there’s the problem of potential jobs being scams or content mills that pay you way too low for the amount of work you have to do.

Here is a list of online sites where freelancers can find jobs.

Freelance Writing Gigs (https://www.freelancewritinggigs.com/)

I love this site because you can find new jobs pretty daily (excluding weekends). They have an updated list of paid writing gigs for writers, as well as tips, tricks, and other resources.

ProBlogger (https://problogger.com/jobs/)

This site is truly a gem! I never heard of ProBlogger until I came across a book of theirs a few months ago. At that time, I was just really excited to know that there was a site that helps bloggers with their writing. But that fact that they have an updated job board for freelancers!? Amazing.

BloggingPro (https://www.bloggingpro.com/jobs/)

BloggingPro is very similar to Freelance Writing Gigs. It too has updated jobs. They also have tips, tricks, and resources for writers. And, they even have their own writing services as well.

FlexJobs (https://www.flexjobs.com/ )

FlexJobs is more than just for us writers; It’s a hub for so many remote job opportunities. From what I know of the site, you are free to browse certain things. However, if you want to learn details about a company or apply to a job, you have to be a paid member of the site.

The Write Life (https://thewritelife.com/find-freelance-writing-jobs/)

I can’t recommend this site enough! This site has a bunch of resources for freelancers! They have a whole other list of sites that even I have never heard of before. They even shout out what content mills you should avoid. Definitely look into this one.

Indeed (https://www.indeed.com/ )

Now, I’ve used indeed for most of my job search in general. But did you know that you can actually find writing/ remote jobs there as well? On my search, I’ve found a very strong need for copywriters. Thankfully, however, I looked long enough that I happened to stumble upon a writing internship opportunity. Thus, you now have this post right this second J

LinkedIn (https://www.linkedin.com/)

Did you know you could find jobs on LinkedIn? This site has literally been growing like a weed over the past few years. All you have to do is create a free account, and you’re on your way to finding a new freelancing career (or any career for that matter). They also have classes you can take in order to learn new or improve existing skills. Be warned, the courses have a free trial, and then you have to pay a monthly membership fee if you wish to continue using that service.

As with any type of job, do your part to research it thoroughly. If it sounds too good to be true, it usually is. And if the pay is too cheap, even if you are a beginner, don’t take it. You’re worth more than that!

What are some of your favorite sites to find freelancing jobs? Let me know!

Happy hunting!

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