Where Do We Go Now That our Love has Been Tainted?


Where Do We Go Now That our Love has Been Tainted?

I laid in the bed, exhausted from staying up all night, pondering about the letter I got from Brandon Hemp. Before I could move onto the next thought of him, there was a knock at my bedroom door.


“Can I come in?”

“If you have that nasty ass soup in your hands again, no.”

She laughed hysterically, “Haley, shut up. Can I come in?”

“I am so serious Bel. All I had was an anxiety attack. That does not require soup.”

“Okay, okay. I’ll take the soup back.”

I placed my head back on my pillow and continued staring at the ceiling. “Should I meet with him? What if something happens to another one of my girls?” I thought to myself.

Again, my internal ramblings were interrupted with my knocks on my door.

“Haley, can I come in now?

“Is the soup is gone?”

She sighed a “Yes,” out of frustration.

“Then yes. You can come in, Bel.”

She opened my bedroom door, and crawled into bed with me, handing me a bouquet of flowers.

“These are for you.”

“Isobel, are those from…”


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  1. Porchia says:

    This story is GOOOOOOD!!! It has definitely left me on the edge waiting to see what happens next. Who is Brandon Hemp? Did he kill Ava? Why is he so interested in Haley? Is Haley now in danger? What about the other girls? Will this lil rekindled spark between her and Ty continue? I LOVE a good story that makes me want more and this is one of those moments. Phenomenal job Imani. You are a true talent.

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