Ways Millennial Parents Are ‘Out-Parenting’ Other Generations

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Compared to generations before them, millennials have been known to do things completely different. The differences have caused the group to be judged and looked at in a negative light. They have adopted new methods and have changed the way things are normally done, and it turns out that the way millennials are parenting their children as a whole has been better than past generations.

Who are millennials? Historians like to group up and divide generations by birth years and ages. The millennials are born between 1981 and 1996, so their age range from 22-years old and 37-years old. Though, the years fluctuate in terms of different organizations-- some consider millennials to be born between 1983 and 2000, but regardless, the ages are close still.

The selfish generation. People have called the generation of the millennials as selfish and go as far as referring to them as the "generation me". But as people have observed, millennials have become less selfish as they begin to create their own families.

Creating their own families. As of 2017, millennials make up 90 percent of all new parents in the US and there a lot of people who are paying attention to the shifts that millennials have made. They have not only changed themselves as a group but have also changed the styles of parenting.

Social media. The millennials are the first generation who have grown up with technology, so the fact of that has made them more aware of things that are going on in the world. Social media has also increased the rate of people being held accountable for their actions, and this has molded parenthood.

Being held accountable. Because social media and technology allows people to hold individuals accountable, a person's identity, their image, and how they're presented to the world by others has become significant. So when millennials have children, being a parent becomes their main identity. Their parenthood has altered their political, personal, and social ideologies. They are not a parent and a businessman/businesswoman but they are "parenting businessman/businesswoman." -- Their title as parents conjoins every other title they hold instead of separating the two.

Less self-centered. More than just millennials financial and social lifestyles have changed when they start their families, but their whole lifestyles. Their family becomes the center of everything, and as more millennials create families, they are losing the title as "generation me."

Ditching the traditions. Millennials have been known for not following the rules and changing up things that were deemed as traditional, but they are also doing that in their parenthood too. They aren't planning their lives based on what used to be and how traditional milestones time everything. Instead of valuing homeownership and lasting marriages, they'll rather be good parents and have good experiences if they had to choose between the two.

Working and parenting. They are no longer choosing between being a great parent and having a great job, but instead, they are deciding to have both. And to make matters better, employers are making it easy for them to have both.

They don't fear parenthood. Millennials are ready to be parents. A good amount still has their children young but many are waiting until they are older and more stable to have children. They are waiting until they are ready.

They dads are present. The millennial fathers are present too. They are not only present but are loving being active in parenting. Aside from being present, a good amount of dads are even stay-at-home dads.

Their children come first. This generation is overall not selfish when it comes to their children. They put them first. They are choosing to raise their children over being the best at their jobs.

More informed. Compared to any generation before them, they are more informed. The reason for this is mainly because of the internet. Previous generations didn't have the access that millennials have now.

The most successful. So far, the millennials are the showing that they going to be the most successful parents in history. They are already displaying healthy and proactive qualities in their parenting styles.

Their children. The generation that millennial are raising is called the Generation Alpha. The oldest of that generation are entering Kindergarten and we're anticipating to see how this generation is going to turn out. Especially with how their parents are running things.

What do you think? With everything that you read, do you think that the millennial are out-doing the previous generations? Do you think their children are the group of individuals that will change the world for the better?