Can a Sexless Relationship Thrive?


Sex has somehow turned into a popular trend while purity has gone out of style. To each it's own but why share your body with someone who may not even be in your future? So what if you're dating! I'm not perfect-sally but I have to acknowledge the fact that you can have a good and healthy relationship without the sex, here are 10 reasons how.

  1. Many Couples Treat Sex As a ChorePeople believe that sex is a factor that holds a relationship together, so they just fuck- there is no emotion behind the act and couples only go through the motions. Sex is supposed to be thoughtful, creative. Hell, the body is a work of art, and if couples can't treat the body like a canvas during sex then the sex is not making a difference in the relationship.
  2. Intimacy Can be Achieved Without SexIntimacy is not determined by how good you can penetrate a person, it is a spiritual connection you have with one another. Intimacy can be achieved by showering your partner with gifts, words of affection, time, and communication. When sex is removed from a relationship, you have that room to build a closer relationship emotionally and mentally with your partner.
  3. Problems Can Actually Be Dealt With. The idea of makeup sex should really be combined with a disclaimer notice because It doesn't really mean you two made-up. Yes, makeup sex is amazing but it's only so amazing because the passion and energy roots from stored up aggression you both have towards each other from the disagreement that was not accurately solved. When sex is taken out of the equation, you have no choice but to properly solve your disagreements.
  4. There Are No Arguments Over SexLet's face it, when your partner doesn't want to have sex, takes forever to orgasm, or orgasms too fast, you may start to overthink and that leads to an unnecessary disagreement. Both agreeing to have a sex-less relationship means you don't have to argue over the lack of sex or even over-analyze when sex is not how it usually is.
  5. You Have Time To Strengthen Your CommunicationAt this age, we are all generally busy, rather it's dealing with classes, kids, work, or striving for that career, we all have limited time. Couples whose relationship composes of sex usually use the limited time they have to have sex, leaving little room for communication. When sex is eliminated, couples can actually talk and use that limited time to listen to their partner. Hopefully, you're with that person because you find some comfort in them and being able to have good conversations often can relieve stress from your life inside and outside of the relationship.
  6. Sex Opens The Door To Insane ObsessionSex is often undermined and it is a process where you are literally exchanging body fluids along with tapping into one another's spiritual realm. When this occurs, that person now holds a part of you that you can't get back and detach from someone after continued sex can be difficult- hints why breakups between couples who were sexually active are hard. So why involve sex in a relationship where the chances of breaking up are 9 out of 10?
  7. You Will Have A Better Chance At a Healthy MarriageWithout sex, you're forced to focus on the other factors that make up a relationship- communication, trust, friendship, etc. If marriage is the end result then those factors won't be a hassle. Usually, communication is where marriages fail, and teaching someone to be sexual the way you like is easier than teaching communication because sex is fun! Ultimately making it easier to focus on the other factors of a relationship instead of sex.
  8. Self-Esteem Issues Won't Be a ProblemUnless you two are married, you may wonder more often than married people about rather or not that person is truly yours, leading to being self-conscious on your appearance and feeling the need to compete with others. A sexless relationship doesn't have much room for self-consciousness because you both learn to like one another for reasons that exceed appearances. Not being sexually active eliminates self-consciousness, guilt towards having sex, and makes room for both individuals to grow emotionally, mentally, and socially.
  9. Clouded Emotions And Judgements Are EliminatedSex can be blinding and people see clearly when they are not infatuated with their hormones. Not noticing those nasty antics, traits, or attitudes are a thing of the past when you are not having a sexual relationship. Therefore when you see those red flags, you're not tempted to convince yourself they're green flags because the sex is good.
  10. You Have Control Over Your BodyRespect towards your partner tends to get lost in relationships that include active sex because sex can be deemed as a necessity in a relationship. News flash: you own your body and your body deserves to be respected! A relationship without sex grants couples a chance to learn more about one another, and the more you know about a person leads to genuinely caring about them and turns into having the utmost respect for not only your relationship but your partner as a person.