Can Socially Awkward People Thrive at Georgia State? I think So!

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I transferred to Georgia State University from Valdosta State University my sophomore year. I immediately fell in love with the campus because of how fast paced it was and the view of the sky-high buildings, the only downside is that I’m socially awkward so I had to enjoy these sights on my own. I am now a Junior, and within my first year, I have observed the different type of ways for an anti-social student to get involved at Georgia State, here’s how.

  1. Join Student Organizations. There are over 400 organizations to join within Georgia State University, and the category of organizations range from Academic, performing arts, political, to religious/spiritual, and other categories.  It’s a good way to network, practice what you love within the organization, and meet new people who find an interest in similar things as you.
  2. Get Involved in the Recreational Center. If you like working out and being active, take many trips to the recreational center. The recreation center has a pool open to swim in, rock climb, fitness classes (the classes consist of cycling, kickboxing, cardio, and Zumba classes), a fitness center, and game room. The center consists of many ways to be active while being surrounded with like-minded people. 
  3. Participate in GSU EventsDifferent organizations within the school host many events throughout the fall semester, spring semester, and summer semester. Some of the events include GSU Night at Six Flags, Movie Fest, Cinefest, and Tailgating. Majority of the events are free of charge for Georgia State University and has great amounts of people to meet there. 
  4. Different Places to Lounge Around AtRather you’re studying, relaxing between classes, or wanting to meet new people, there is an abundant number of places to lounge at within Georgia State’s campus. There’s the Atrium Lounge, Gallery Lounge, Main Lounge in the Student Center East; Panther Place Lounge in the Student Center West, and other seating areas in Urban Life Center, and Unity Plaza. Each of these places is filled with students to socialize and link with.
  5. Enjoy the Many Places and Activates Around Georgia State’s CampusOne of the best qualities of Georgia State is its location. It’s in the heart of downtown Atlanta so it’s surrounded by tons of interesting places like Centennial Olympic Park, Little Five Points, Georgia Aquarium, CNN Studio, and other places. Aside from being in walking distance from these places, Georgia State students can receive discounted tickets to different events and places in the Metro-Atlanta area.