Choosing to Love Blackness


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Too often people of color are trying to assimilate to whiteness. They attempt to be viewed as “white” by wearing a certain clothing type, picking white friends to hang with, or talking a way that they normally wouldn't. Beauty has routinely been defined by white features- like the shape of the nose, bone structure, body size, hair texture, etc.  The continuum of people in the black community conforming to the white standards of beauty is the result of white supremacy and white privilege. White privilege is still present because the idea of white’s being the dominant and “original” race has been embedded into the minds of black people and other races for generations. African American’s accepting their customs and characteristics could diminish the idea of white people being the dominate race. Here are eight ways black people can amplify their love for Blackness.

Release the Guilt of Loving Your Blackness

For so long we have been told that our features are not ordinary. We have been trained to believe that we’re the “other,” our bodies and complexion have been imitated, mocked, and ridiculed and that can lead to shame and guilt over our blackness. Feeling guilty about loving the idea of being black builds a negative perspective on the black body. You can’t change how you were born so why feel guilty over enjoying every aspect of yourself? Let go and love your complexion. We are not a sub-category. Our blackness is normal.

Educate Yourself

Though it’s not demonstrated or broadcasted, black people have accomplished a good deal and are noteworthy in the milestones achieved in America. Knowing that black people have continuously broken barriers put up against them can cause a sense of gratitude. So, take the time to indulge in our black culture and learn black history.

Diminish Negativity

Unfollow sites that speak down on blackness get rid of people who speak down on the black body and remove any habits that belittle your blackness. You are glorious so only surround yourself with people and sites that treat the black body as if it’s glorious.

Be True to Yourself

Assimilating in any other manner that is not true to your natural state shouldn’t happen because you feel your blackness is abnormal. Accept your natural features, your curvy hips, big lips, or fat nose. It’s what makes you different from the rest and no one is better than you.

Indulge in the Black Community

Support the black community, and encourage others to support too. It’ll increase blackness in the corporate world, which pushes black businesses to progress. This gives the black youth additional people to look up to.

Bathe in Your Roots

Regularly listen to music that praises your ethnicity; cook and enjoy foods that are traditional to your family or culture, and join groups that share the same background as you. This helps keep the idea of your heritage relevant and significant. Soak in where you came from, and celebrate where you’re going.

Flaunt Your Blackness

Wear clothing that affirms your blackness, make a scrapbook that displays why your black is beautiful, spread the black love with other individuals, treat yourself, treat others, and walk with your head held high. You are terrific, your blackness is fantastic and like any other person of any other race, you deserve to feel confident and comfortable in your body.



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