DIY Mounted Fabric Shelf


When dealing with smaller kids, safety is the number one concern. Having too many pieces of large furniture within the kids play area equals trips to the emergency room or urgent care due to tripping, bumping heads, or pulling drawers and shelves down on themselves. Having safe and kid accessible book cases equal fewer trips to the doctor’s office and encourage kids to be independent by not having to ask mom or dad to grab their favorite book for them.

Supplies Needed Before Starting

  • (2) wood dowels or metal curtain rod
  • Double rod curtain brackets
  • Preferred fabric: number of yards depends on the number of slings you want to make
  • Sewing machine (or hand stitched if you prefer)
  • Scissors
  • Thread
  • Plastic anchor
  • Level or long ruler
  • Drill and Drill Bits
  • Marking pencil

Prepare the Fabric.

Place your fabric on a flat service and measure and mark the fabric 42” x 27” (It’s best to mark on the back side of the fabric and the back side is usually the more faded side). Once the fabric is marked, use the scissors to cut out the fabric you measured and marked.

After cutting the fabric out, fold it in half to where the back side is facing outwards (the back of the fabric is lighter than the front of the fabric).

Once folded, your fabric should measure 21” x 27” and the back of the fabric should be seen on both sides of the folded fabric.

With the folded fabric (21” x 27” measurements) mark a seam of ½ inches around the edge of both sides that measure 27”, one of the sides that measure 21”, and ONLY ¾ of the other side that measures 21”.  

Time to Sew

Once you have finished preparing the fabric, use a sewing machine or hand stitch the ½ inch seam you marked (a sewing machine is faster and ensures durability, but if you don’t have one or prefer to hand stitch, make sure your stitches are close together).

When you have completed sewing around the ½ inch marked seam, pull the fabric front side out using the section you left un-sewn on the side of the fabric that measures 21”. You now have a piece of fabric that measures 27” x 21” and has the front of the fabric facing on both sides (the front side of the fabric is darker than the back).

If you want, you can fold the edges of the unsewn area from the 21" side of the fabric and stitch it shut.

To make the pockets for the dowels/rods, fold over 2” of the long side (27” measured side) and pin it down. After pinning that, sew down that whole folded side, leaving a pocket for the dowels to fit through. Repeat on the other long side that measures 27”.

Installing the Book Sling

On the wall where you want to mount the sling, measure 27” of space and mark each end- use the ruler or level to ensure the marks make a straight line.

Drill holes where you made those marks. After drilling the holes, screw in the curtain brackets (ensure to use the plastic anchors that came with the brackets or the ones you purchased).

Insert the wooden dowels or metal curtain rod into the pockets of the fabric and place the end of those dowels/rods into the curtain brackets. There should be little screws on the brackets that tighten and allows you to secure the dowels into place.

You are now ready to put your books on the fabric shelf!