You’re Labeled as a Bitch and That’s Okay!


Women receive unnecessary backlash when they decide to be anything except what others expect them to be. “Bitch” is thrown around too often, and despite the word being distasteful, the reasons behind women being called a “bitch” are not always bad but are only simple-minded thinking from the person spitting out this label. Here are a few unreasonable ways why women are being called out of their names.

  1. Taking Pride in Being Independent. When women decide to take care of their own and turns down help from men, she’s considered ungrateful- when there’s nothing wrong with doing for yourself. Taking pride in accomplishments and feeling comfortable with being able to survive on your own is great because depending on others isn’t the most reliable route.
  2. Not Easily Submitting to Others. If I had a penny for every time someone has taken offense to me using the word “No”, especially males, then I would be a millionaire. There is nothing wrong with saying “No”, more woman should embrace having their own opinion and understand that not wanting to partake in an activity is okay! Submitting to others wants is not fun if it’s not something you’re interested in, so embrace your own opinions and feelings.
  3. Refusing to Hold Your Tongue. Feeling a way, and expressing that feeling (with caution on how it may come off to others, of course!) without anyone experiencing guilt over those feelings should be normal. Woman have been trained by society to stay quiet and to deal with any and everything, but is that fair? No! Expressing your feelings allows other to adjust their actions to you accordingly. Everyone deserves to have their feelings taken into consideration.
  4. Being Bossy. Women can get just as much done as a male, if not more- but that requires telling a few people what to do, how to do it, and when to do it. The downside is when a woman gets to ordering things around, she creates a good number of naysayers. Tuning out the noise from naysayers makes it easier to take care of business. Hell, use the negative comments as motivation to keep being amazing because when people talk It means you’re doing something right!
  5. Having Tough Skin. Stereotypes have most believing that women are these fragile individuals who break after encountering the smallest inconvenience or encounter. Though women are emotional beings, it doesn’t mean that their ruled by those emotions. Being able to accept emotions without it deterring your actions, channeling the emotions into good energy, and continuously going on with life allows room for growth as a person and a businesswoman.
  6. Standing Up for Yourself. No matter the person, wrong is wrong and right is right. When feeling offended or disrespected, defending yourself is the only option fit, and it should not be looked down on. Standing around, waiting for someone else to defend your honor doesn’t boost your self-esteem as much as taking honor in defending yourself. Sometimes it’s best to be your own night and shining armor because you’re worth it and owe it to yourself.
  7. Having Confidence. Always walk with pride, carry yourself with the utmost respect, and walk to the beat of your own drum without giving two-fucks about other opinions! You will often receive the side-eye, but the best body is your body! Cheering yourself on and knowing your worth results in you not settling for mediocre people, and others may view your need to be surrounded by greatness as negative. It’s best to channel that negativity and use it as a reason to keep being your number one fan because who else can do it better? You owe no explanation to anyone.
  8. Taking Risks with Life Decisions. Being able to do what others are afraid of doing is what separates the average from the extraordinary. Jump off the ledge to reach your dreams on the other side because you’re either going to reach them or fall flat on your ass but at least you tried. Women are put into specific categories and when they take risks and remove themselves out of those categories, their reasoning for those actions are challenged. Taking those risks and facing those challenges is worth it if you’re getting to where you want to be.
  9. Not Attaching to People or Objects. Nothing lasts forever; people come and go and objects grow old or break. Attaching to too many people or objects just weigh you down, making it difficult to move on to the next stage in life. Yes, emotions and connections with other individuals are important, but being okay with losing people is just as important. Someone may take offense to you not being distraught over losing them, but will they care if your feelings are crushed if they suddenly decide to prance out your life? I highly doubt it!
  10. Reclaiming the Label. Take the title “bitch” and reclaim it. If you’re being called a bitch because of all the reasons listed above, then you’re doing awesome sweetie! Don’t waste your energy getting heated over irrational labeling. There is nothing wrong with being independent, confident, blunt, tough, or outspoken; and these traits are amongst some of the world’s most brilliant and valued women. If taking pride in these traits makes you a bitch, then so be it!