What The Foods You are Eating Say About You

There’s the saying, “you are what you eat,” but its meaning serves more than a reference to your health. Of course, if you eat junk food, your body is going to feel sluggish and unfit but what you eat also displays how you are as a person. Aside from your food being a tell-all about your personality, the way you eat tells just as much about the type of person you are as well.

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Eating fast.
 Yes, we tend to eat fast when we are starving, but those who eat fast all the time are usually people who are ambitious. They are always creating new goals and trying new things.

Slow and steady wins the race. It can be argued that people eat slowly because they want to savor their food, but it can also mean they are controlling individuals. Slow eaters generally appreciate the things around them and are confident.

Those picky-eaters. Picky-eaters can be hard to go out with if you’re going to a restaurant because they tend to comment on everything about the food. These eaters’ types sometimes have high anxiety and can be neurotic.

Down for anything new. The eater that is always trying something new is the person who is not afraid of tasting new foods are people who love chasing thrills in life. They are riskier than others and love to explore.

I don’t like my food touching. If you don’t like your food touching, you are probably a person who is extremely organized. You are particular with details and are careful with every move that you make.

Food-prepping before eating. These individuals are the ones who plan what they’re going to eat first, who butters their bread and slice their meats or pancakes before eating. This person is usually always two-steps ahead in life and is always thinking about the future.

The messy eater. This food-eater slurps really loud smacks while chewing, and is overall a loud eater. They simply don’t care what others think and this person tends to be free-spirited.

Mixing all your food together. If you mix your dish together and eat your food all together then you are a person who is very strong-minded. There’s always a lot on their plate and they are the ones leading things.

Spicy food eaters. Just like the eaters that are interested in trying new things, those who love spicy foods are born risk takers too. The pain from the spicy foods can enhance your adrenaline level.

Who doesn’t love sweets? Well, believe it or not, some people don’t care for sweet foods but those who do tend to be sweethearts. The people who love sweet foods are generally people who are easy to work with and agreeable.

Salty foods. People who love salty foods are more than likely those who love to eat fries! They are the “go with the flow” type of people. They live life day-to-day.

Milk Chocolate lovers. Those who enjoy milk chocolate tend to be introverts most of the time and enjoy spending a good amount of time alone.

Dark Chocolate lovers. Chocolate has different types of flavors and so they equal different types of personalities. If you love dark chocolate, you’re social and outgoing.

Meat Lovers. Those high protein eaters are the social ones of the bunch. These eaters love to be outgoing and seen.

Food for all. Regardless of the food that you like, you can have many personalities and feel different things at different times in your life. You may love milk chocolate and are still a social person. These categories aren’t definite and are not 100% defining about the person you are.