Research Reveals The Worst Parenting Style

Originally Posted on Rebel Circus

Okay, let’s be honest, we don’t know what the heck we’re doing when trying to raise children. Despite not knowing what we’re doing, we try our best but even with our best efforts, we unintentionally adapt to some parenting style. There are many parenting styles and sadly, some parenting styles are better than others.


Helicopter Parent. We are probably all familiar with these type of parents. They are the ones who never let their children have space. They do everything for their kid and are constantly controlling how other people do things with their child.

How to not be a helicopter parent. Trust that your kid is capable of being okay without you hovering over them. Also, trust that other people will do right by your child too.

The Lawnmower parent. This parent is a bit overprotective as they clear the path for their child so they won’t ever be able to accomplish things on their own. This leads to a child never knowing what it feels like to achieve things and feel grateful over things.

How not to be a Lawnmower parent. Let your kid fall sometimes. If they achieve things on their own, then they will know what it feels like to be accomplished.

Authoritarian Parent. This is the strict parent. They have strict rules, rarely listen to their children. These parents rarely show warmth and their children often feel unloved.

Less Authoritarian parenting. Being a more relaxed authoritarian parent will consist of showing your child that you care, listening to them, and not being so strict with rules.

Authoritative Parenting. This style is most valued by psychologists as it’s a mix of being strict and being kind. Children to these parents understand that there are rules and understand that their parents love them.

Authoritative parenting is the goal. This style is the goal because it allows your children to respect you and your rules while still being able to trust you on a friendly level.

Permissive parenting. This style creates children that are just buck-wild. They run over their parents and they rarely follow the boundaries that the parents set.

How not to be so permissive. Show the child that you are willing to supply their needs/wants but also set boundaries and enforce them. When you are too lenient, that’s when things start getting out of control.

Neglectful Parents. This parenting style ends with children not feeling loved and not having any rules to follow. These parents don’t pay attention to their children at all, and their children usually do whatever they please.

Why neglectful parenting is not good. Children who are raised by these parents usually have a hard time connecting with people when they get older because they don’t understand how to be kind and love and they don’t know how to respect boundaries.

Intentional or Gentle parenting. The parents who use this style are available, intentional, considerate, engaging, and work with their children.

Why gentle parenting is effective. This style is kind of new but many people believe it’s an effective style. This style allows the children to work with the parents instead of doing what the parents say. The children learn how to listen, be effective and how to work with others.

Just try your best At the end of the day, what matters is to try your best when raising your children. No one is perfect, and if you see that your style is not the best style, try to switch it up.