Things Parents Do That Make Their Children More Hyper

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Children naturally have tons of energy, and when they are sitting still for a long time, their energy levels double by like 101%. No matter how hard we try, we can never seem to shake the amount of energy that our little one exerts. To make matters worse, sometimes we are even the cause of why they have so much energy stored inside.

Using Food Additives. According to scientist, artificial coloring and additives in food can cause children to be over-active. In a study that WebMD mentions states how 153 3-year-old children and 144 8- and 9-year-old children’s behavior were altered by drinking beverages with artificial food coloring.

No healthy eating habits. A child’s diet can also have an effect on their behavior. Food allergies is something to look out for too, because it can cause behavioral problems.

Stressful environment. Creating a space where your kid can take a timeout and calm down, can help limit hyperactivity. If they don’t have a place where they can feel safe, they may act out.

Talking loudly. I’m sure that you don’t like to be yelled at, so why would you yell at your children? Yelling at your children on a daily basis can cause behavior problems, resulting in hyperactivity.

Lack of order and daily routine. When there is an unclear and unstable environment, it can cause children to become stressed—resulting in them acting out.

Too much older. Oppositely, if your house hold has too much order and follows strict routines, then it can cause your kid to act out too.

Difficult Instructions. Keep things simple when telling your kids what to do and how to do it. Complex instructions can lead to them becoming overworked and frustrated. Which will lead to over-active behavior.

Distraction after distraction. Try to provide your kid with a calm environment that has minimal distractions. This’ll help them to stay on task when they’re doing homework or chores.

Using the wrong reinforcements. Punishment can be useful but positive reinforcement can sometimes be better. If punishment is a regular parenting style for you, try using positive reinforcement more.

No play time. Kids have lot of energy, naturally so it’s important for them to have enough time to run around and exert all of that energy.

There is a such thing as too much fun. If your kid plays active games all the time, this could contribute to their hyperactivity as well.

Attachment Issues. If your kid is too attached to you and dependent on you, then they’ll act out every time you’re doing something. They won’t even want to go out and play without you.

Unlimited time in front of the screen. Technology has enhanced and using it on a daily basis is inevitable, but screen time should be limited for your kid. The bright colors and rapid images on a screen can cause your child to be more active instead of calming them down. This is actually one of the main triggers of hyperactivity.

Unhealthy sleeping habits. Good sleeping habits from when your child is a small baby is important. If you don’t start early, it can make it difficult for your kids to sleep when they’re older and that lack of sleep can lead to hyperactivity.

Not giving your kid enough attention. This is a big one because many people underestimate the power of attention. Sometimes your kids are acting out and being overactive because they simply want to get your attention.