Parents Who Are Addicted to Their Cell Phones Affect Their Children’s Development – According to Scientists

Using technology is inevitable because it’s everywhere, and we use it for everything. Technology makes our day-to-day lives easier and at this point, technology is not going away. Though it’s a helpful tool, the downside of using it is that we lack human-connection. Families and friends start spending less time together, couples lack communication skills with one another, and children’s development falls behind.

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Children become more negative. A study conducted revealed how children are more distressed, negative and have slower emotional recovery time when their mothers are on their cell phones.

Are not explorative. When the mothers were on their phones, their children were also hesitant about exploring and playing around.

Not feeling important. When parents spend more time on their phones instead of playing with their children, it leaves the children feeling left out and unimportant.

Them VS your cellphone. In a study put together by AVG technologies, 32% of six thousand children stated that they feel unimportant when their parents use their cellphones.

They feel like they are in competition. The places where they feel like they’re in competition with their parents’ smartphones are at the dinner table, during conversations, or other times that’s designated for family outings.

Social development. A child’s social development is stumped when faced with parents who use their cell phones constantly. These children tend to spend less time playing with their friends.

Emotional development. Distracted mothers are less predictable, not as reliable, and not as attentive to their children. This lack of affection and attention can lead to emotional disorders later in life.

How parents on cell phones act. If you become irritable, agitated or frustrated with your kid while they are interacting with you while you’re on your phone, then you may need to spend less time on your phone.

Interrupted parenting. When you spend so much time on your phone, you lose the time that’s needed to participate in healthy parenting styles.

Results of unhealthy parenting. Children whose parents didn’t have time to parent them correctly ended up being noisy, disruptive, and overly silly.

Emotional study. In a study conducted by Catherine Steiner-Adair E.D.D, a thousand children between the ages of 4 and 18 were interviewed.

Feeling sad and mad. The study and the interviews of the children revealed that most children felt sad, mad, and lonely when their parents used their cell phones.

Getting rid of cell phones. The interviews also pointed out that many of the other children would either hide their parents’ phone or destroy it.

Catherine Steiner-Adair conclusion. Her study was only an interview with children so she couldn’t determine the long-term effects of parents using their cell phones too much but she discovered that children often feel unloved and unimportant because of the use.

Thriving children. It’s important to spend time with your children because it shows them that they are important. So, if it’s possible, put your phones down and spend undivided attention with your children!