Editing Services

Editing Services


As a writer, editor, and indie-author along-side working efficiently with teams and autonomously across a number of industries, I understand how paying for professional editing services can be difficult for some individuals. As an indie-author, It’s difficult for me to pay out of pocket for editing so to help those like me, I’m using my expertise to offer a copy editing, critiques, and story development combo at an affordable rate. At $5 per 1,000 words, I will probe your book for accuracy, consistency, clarity, repetition, quotation, sentence structure, spelling, punctuation, and grammar.

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I will edit your work in Microsoft Word so you can easily view any comments and revisions that I’ve made and track all changes to your manuscript. This allows the author to not only see my edits and changes but to accept or decline them. Therefore you’ll retain full control over the direction of your novel. My ultimate goal is to enhance your manuscript while obtaining your voice and writing style.

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My eight step editing process will ensure that you recieve the following:


I will take a step further and dig deeper into your manuscript to make sure the plot, theme, and structure are all comprehensible, along with analyzing your manuscript as a whole to make sure your book flows. Below are the aspects that are involved with your manuscript critique:

  • Pacing

  • Theme

  • Effective Dialogue

  • Characterization

  • Setting

  • Plot

  • Structure

  • Use of Description

  • Hooks at the End of Each Chapter

Copy Editing

This involves punctuation, correct spelling and grammar. Your manuscript will receive reconstruction where needed to ensure that each and every word flows into the next beautifully. I will remove unnecessary words and sentences and embed different vocabulary choices where relevant.

Developmental Editing

The following involves looking into every line within your manuscript, analyzing it and figuring out how it can be improved, along with all the aspects of critiquing that are mentioned above.

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