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The majority of people have heard of the poem, “Our Deepest Fear” by Marianne Williamson. The poem starts off with “Our deepest fear is not that we are inadequate. Our deepest fear is that we are powerful beyond measure”, and a poem of such nature holds powerful meaning. On too many occasions a person iterates how their greatest fear is a failure, but that fear is completely inadequate. Every person was put on this planet for some important reason, and deep down that reason is known to oneself. Too many people just spend too much time questioning their own ability to conquer whatever dream they may have, to where fear of failure becomes real to them. One convinces themselves that they fear failure, instead of acknowledging the fact that they are undermining their abilities. There are few who overcome and achieve their life’s purpose, but then there are those who settle for a mediocre life because they never fully believe in those abilities they possess.

For starters, there is no such thing as failure, there are only lessons, and the key to believing this is to adjust one’s’ mindset. Everyone is different, therefore if every person is given the same task, then every single person’s outcome will be different. Once the mindset is changed, the view of outcomes will alter drastically, along with reminding oneself that failure is not a failure, but another chance at improvement before the real work begins. This world is filled with different people who have different personalities, characteristics, and abilities from one another.

The main cause of one not recognizing that they are different and created for a special purpose is because everyone is surrounded by individuals, images, and the common idea of success. Our society focuses on specific people, specific images, and specific types of success and it creates a cycle of one believing that those people, images, and success types are the only way. One starts to compare themselves, leading to undermining their own specialized abilities. Again, one’s mindset is the key to overcome the idea of what the community deems successful- not submitting to what is thrown in one’s face every day saves oneself from feeling unworthy.

Even parents become bad with shaming their children until their faith in themselves become nonexistent. Being put up against an older or younger sibling’s success can become belittling to a person, along with being pushed to follow the families career path can be difficult; It causes one to compare oneself to others, makes one feel inferior, and as if they must be like that person. It is easy to lose oneself when dealing with family pushing one to be something they’re not because pleasing that parent or a family member is what most want. Not to say that it doesn’t happen, but it is rare to have a child who aims to be displeased with by their family. On the contrary, parents or other family members don’t even notice they do these things, and their intentions are only to push their child to be something great- but what’s great to one person may not be great to another.

Realizing who one is and not who someone else wants one to reveal the true fear, and it’s not the failure because failure is only a fragment of the imagination. If all could look at themselves in recognition to what they specialize in, then failure would not be considered a failure and dismissing one’s ability would not be a trend today. The community doesn’t help by putting everyone up against individuals who are nothing like the other, but not allowing one’s own mindset to alter doesn’t help either.


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