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Note From Imanileo:

Life has been crazy between my pregnancy, college, working, and taking care of my home and small family, and I’ve slacked with keeping my blog posts rolling in… BUT at a great expense. I’m excited to announce my first short novel, I Do, is on sale for Pre-Order on Amazon Kindle. You can Pre-Order here: I DO: HerStory: Book One and view my author page here: Imani Francies. The release date is November 17, 2017, and the pre-sale price is $2.99 up until the release date.

Take a look at some HerStory themed short blog posts to get an idea of what you’ll be reading in this first book from the HerStory Series:

In the meantime, look forward to frequent postings from me again. Thank you for staying active with


With love,

Imani Francies (Imanileo)


UPDATE: You’re able to read Kindle e-books without having a Kindle. You just need their app… here’s an article on how: Read Kindle books without a Kindle e-reader

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