The ‘HerStory’ Short Fiction Series

Meet Haley Isla Burrows, the perfect sweetheart turned HBIC of a financially prosperous prostitute ring. With her best friends by her side, we follow Haley as she goes through the trials and tribulations associated with this lavish lifestyle.


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The ‘Robin’s Family’ Short Fiction Series

A normal morning flipped upside down quickly turned into Sofia’s worst nightmare. After her town is attacked by foreigners, she has to fight her way back to her family but the journey doesn’t end there.


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Stay up-to-date, motivated, and entertained with purposeful features!

Nostalgia in Entertainment Continues with a ‘Coming To America’ Sequel

The original film was released in 1988 and saw commercial-box office success in the U.S. and internationally. Throughout the years it has become a culture favorite within the black community.

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The Legacy Toni Morrison Left Behind

On Tuesday, August 5th, 2019 renowned novelist and Nobel Prize winner Toni Morrison died at the age of 88. The black community has definitely lost a monumental figure within the literary world. However, her bodies of works, depicting the real black experience in America, have created a legacy and reputation that will precede her.

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Freedom, At Long Last

Earlier this year, then-Gov. Bill Haslam took the unusual step of granting Cyntoia Brown clemency for what he called a “tragic and complex case,” a major victory for the unjustly incarcerated Brown and all those who support her, who for years has maintained that the 2004 killing was an act of self-defense.

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