The ‘HerStory’ Short Fiction Series

Meet Haley Isla Burrows, the perfect sweetheart turned HBIC of a financially prosperous prostitute ring. With her best friends by her side, we follow Haley as she goes through the trials and tribulations associated with this lavish lifestyle.


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The ‘Robin’s Family’ Short Fiction Series

A normal morning flipped upside down quickly turned into Sofia’s worst nightmare. After her town is attacked by foreigners, she has to fight her way back to her family but the journey doesn’t end there.


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Stay up-to-date, motivated, and entertained with purposeful features!

Allow Me to Introduce Myself

HerStory Series: Short Story 1
— Haley travels from Philly to Atlanta with her mom and spills out her deepest feelings.

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HerStory Series Prologue: 7 Short Stories

Take a peek into Haley Isla Burrows’ world of sex, love, and scandal with these 7 short stories. Haley creates a prostitution ring with her best buds: Bel and Ty; and right when they think they have everything together, things spiral out of control. If you like the drama that unfolds then go back to the very beginning of it all by reading the HerStory Series.

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Nostalgia in Entertainment Continues with a ‘Coming To America’ Sequel

The original film was released in 1988 and saw commercial-box office success in the U.S. and internationally. Throughout the years it has become a culture favorite within the black community.

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